How do you choose the best hinges for doors, and what types are there? Read this guide to learn about the different options and how to decide.

The Best Hinges for Doors and Which to Choose

Are you looking to make improvements on a cabinet, a dresser, or any other wooden door in your home? Adding a new hinge is one of the best ways to do it. There are plenty of great options out there to choose from.

But what are the best hinges for doors that you should consider?

Follow this guide to learn all about the different types of door hinges that you can use for any project.

Door Spring Hinge

Door spring hinges are the most common type of hinge used on interior doors. They are relatively easy to install and are very affordable.

For a heavy door, a spring-loaded hinge is a good choice. These hinges are designed to support the weight of the door and prevent it from sagging over time.

Non-spring Door Hinges

These hinges do not have a spring mechanism, which makes them easier to open and close. They are also available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass, and bronze.

Non-spring door hinges have different sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your doors.

Door Pivot Hinge

A door pivot hinge is a good choice for a heavy door that needs to swing open and shut smoothly. This type of hinge is also a good choice for a door that is located in a high-traffic area because it can handle the wear and tear of constant use.

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Door Hinge Shims

Shims are a common way to make sure your door is level and plumb. They are small wedges of wood or metal that are inserted between the door and the frame to fill any gaps.

Choosing the right shims is important, as they will ensure a snug fit and prevent the door from wobbling.

Self-Closing Door Hinges

Self-closing door hinges are the way to go. These hinges are designed to close the door automatically, without the need for you to push or pull the door closed. This can be a great feature for both interior and exterior doors, as it can help to keep the door from being left open and ensure that it is always closed when it should be.

Self-closing door hinges are also much easier to install than other types of hinges, so you can do it yourself without having to hire a professional.

Choose the Best Hinges for Doors

Choosing the best hinges for doors depends on the type of door you have and the look you want to achieve. You should consider the weight of the door, and the finish and you want to make sure the hinge is compatible with the doorframe.

With so many options available, this guide will help you make the best door hinges for you.

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