Signs You Need Ductless Heat Pump Repair

Signs You Need Ductless Heat Pump Repair

It may be cold out now, but before you know it, summer will be back. This means you’ll soon be relying on your ductless heat pump system to keep your home cool and comfortable. But if your system is having issues, you could be in for an uncomfortable season. Here are 5 signs that indicate it may be time to call in professional ductless heat pump repair services.

Fan Isn’t Turning On

When you go to switch your ductless system into cooling mode, you expect to hear the fan start up and feel cool air start to flow from the vents. If the fan doesn’t turn on at all, there is likely an electrical issue preventing it from powering up properly. This could be due to a faulty capacitor, motor, or electrical control board. Whatever the culprit, a non-working fan means no cold air for your home. Time to pick up the phone and call an HVAC technician for repairs.

Limited Airflow

Your ductless system relies on steady airflow to push out cold air through vents and properly circulate it throughout your home. If the airflow seems significantly weaker than you’re used to, it’s a sign of a problem. Causes can include a clogged air filter that needs replacing, debris buildup in the ductless head blocking airflow, or an issue with the fan motor preventing it from reaching optimal RPMs. Reduced airflow means certain rooms won’t get adequately cooled.

Strange Noises

Your ductless heat pump shouldn’t be making any unusual noises while operating. So if you start hearing banging, loud humming, grinding, or buzzing sounds coming from the ductless head, take heed. Unusual noises usually signify an internal component is broken or malfunctioning. For example, a clicking or tapping noise could mean the fan blades are striking something inside the housing. Any odd noise warrants having a technician inspect and diagnose where it’s coming from.

Temperature Issues

If your ductless system starts having problems maintaining the proper temperature in your home, it’s a sign something is amiss. Perhaps the unit can still achieve a cool temperature, but it takes much longer than normal. Or it may not be able to get down to the set temperature at all on hot days. There can be many reasons for temperature control issues, from low refrigerant levels to a failing thermistor. Whatever the cause, you’ll want it promptly repaired for optimal summer cooling.

Higher Utility Bills

While running your ductless heat pump system more often during warm weather is normal, a spike in your electric bills is usually a red flag. If your bills are suddenly and significantly higher with no other explanation, your unit may be suffering from inefficiency. Causes could include low refrigerant levels, an unbalanced system, failing components, or airflow issues. Instead of wasting money on high bills month after month, get your system inspected so inefficiencies can be corrected. You’ll start saving on costs once it’s operating properly again.

If you notice any of the above issues with your ductless heat pump this summer, don’t ignore them and hope they go away. That will likely just lead to bigger problems and more costly repairs down the road. Your best bet is to call in professional HVAC technicians as soon as something seems amiss. They have the skills to diagnose what’s wrong with your system and recommend proper ductless heat pump repair. Acting quickly at the first signs of trouble will get your ductless unit back to running optimally, so you can beat the heat this summer.

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