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Real Rich: These Real Estate Influencers Are Building Empires On Instagram

You’d be surprised at the amount of knowledge you can access by following some key real estate influencers.

If the word “social media influencers” summons this picture of Instagram models and makeup gurus, we’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Influencers can showcase and ascribe to any industry or field you could possibly think of.

Instagram has been one of the favorite social platforms among users. People tend to look for several sources like Thunderclap to increase their follower base.  Keep on reading to learn about the top real estate influencers you should be already following.

The Queen of Real Estate Influencers: Dottie Herman

We can’t put together a list of the key online real estate figures, and not start with Dottie Herman. Herman is the CEO of the third-biggest real estate company in the U.S.

In addition to having her own real estate show, you’ll find her social media feeds full of the critical trends that are affecting the local and global real estate markets.

With unmatched style, class, and leadership skills, there’s definitely a thing (or four) that Herman can teach us.

The Followers Powerhouse: Fredrik Eklund

Coming in hot with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Eklund is a great option if you’re looking to increase your own follower count as well.

Taking a quick look at his feed and you’ll see pictures of a distinct lifestyle, with some awe-inspiring world-class properties in New York City. Another bonus would be the rather cute pictures of his kiddos.

Miami Heaven: Chad Carroll

If you’re turning your sights to the beautiful state of Florida, then following Chad Carroll is a must.

Miami is his home turf, and his feed is a treasure trove of stunning homes and key strategies for setting your real estate goals and actually achieving them. You can also get some professional help if you’re planning for a home sale, so check it out.

For the YouTube Fan: Graham Stephan

For a light-hearted millennial spin on the real estate market, you can’t go wrong with checking out Graham Stephan’s content.

He’s a self-made millionaire who’s in his twenties, and some of his videos on the real estate economy are very well-researched and made with humor.

The Speaking Guru: Tom Ferry

If you’re looking for a professional real estate developer with expertise in how to make social media work for you, then Ferry is your man.

His content focuses on the coaching side of real estate, and you can look up some of his speaking engagements for a strong dose of his personality. Just a simple search of the hashtag #TomFerryShow will get things in gear.

Real Estate Made Fun

Yet, no less effective. Some people can retain information from reading dense books, but others can be more visual learners. If that’s you, then there’s nothing more fun (or educational) than following some of the top real estate influencers.

We hope that our little guide was the starting point into fleshing-out and truly expanding your real estate projects and practice.

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