Not sure which to choose for you next trip? Come see the pros and cons of both before you commit to either.

Pros and Cons: Local Sim VS. International Wifi Hotspot

There is a good chance that you are here today because you are a traveler and you have to travel abroad for various reasons. Sometimes it may be for vacation and at other times for business. Whatever the case is, let’s face it that the availability and accessibility of the internet are essential to your traveling needs. You can no longer say that the internet is not necessary on a trip. Because we all know that it’s now a part of our lives and in the 21st century. Everything we do involves the internet one way or the other. Long story short, the internet is a must no matter which country you are traveling to.

It’s but a fact that if you don’t have a pocket WiFi or a local sim card, things can get complicated for you. At times it can be very challenging to find free WiFi abroad/ So it can be very worthwhile to arrange your internet on your own. There are two options I will discuss that you can choose from when it comes to an internet connection on the go. Either you can buy a local sim, or you can get yourself an international WiFi hotspot or in other words a portable WiFi device.

To clear out the confusion for you and make the decision more comfortable for you, we are now going to compare both the options so that you can pick one easily.

Using The International WiFi Hotspot

The one thing that we love about these hotspot devices is that they are easy to use. You also won’t have to run around looking for a sim right after landing. Just flip the switch, and you will have the access right away as long as there is mobile coverage. Another benefit is that these devices come with a good range and can cover multiple devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, etc. It is also very convenient if you’ve got friends who need the internet as much as you do. Some people may find having another piece of equipment to carry around and keep charged a bit of an inconvenience. The other big downside is the price and daily cost. The devices can run over 100$ and the daily usage fee up too ten dollars a day it can get quite pricy and fast.

Local Sim Card

The other option we will go over is my personal favorite. At less than a dollar a gigabyte in some countries, this option can be very budget friendly. For starters, to avail this option, you first need to make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked. Yes, you read that right! If you have an unlocked phone then yes, any local sim card can work on your phone abroad. You can also easily enjoy access to the internet. It can be a little overwhelming to set up the first time, but luckily the nice people where you buy your sim are usually more than happy to help you out. If at all possible avoid buying them at the airport where they typically charge a premium. Also, a little research can go a long way. So if you are planning on using a local sim, do a quick google search. See which provider has the best coverage and speed in the area you will be traveling.

Overall Verdict

When it comes to which one gets better service, it really depends on which sim you picked because they both rely on mobile towers. So it really depends on your needs. If convenience is your primary concern, and price does not play a factor; then the international wifi may be for you. If you are a cost-conscious person or just like not having to carry any other equipment around; I would go with the sim.

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