Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC: The Company Behind The Letters FromDept 922, Concord, CA

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC: The Company Behind The Letters From Dept 922, Concord, CA

Have you received a letter or call from Portfolio Recovery Associates? If so, you are most likely in need of debt relief services. If you have ever received a letter from Dept 922, Concord, CA regarding debt collection activities, chances are it came from Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. In this article, we will shed light on Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, the company responsible for sending these letters, and provide valuable insights into their operations. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is a well-known debt collection agency that specializes in purchasing and collecting delinquent debts from creditors. Their letters can often cause confusion and anxiety for individuals who find themselves on the receiving end. Understanding the role and reputation of Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is crucial in navigating debt-related matters and making informed decisions. 

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC: Debt Collection Expertise:

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC has established itself as a prominent player in the debt collection industry. Their primary focus is acquiring delinquent debts from creditors and attempting to collect payments from consumers who owe those debts. They utilize various methods, including sending letters and making phone calls, to communicate with individuals and seek repayment. Their operations are governed by federal laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to ensure fair and ethical practices in the debt collection process.

Understanding Debt Collection Practices:

Dealing with debt collection activities can be overwhelming and stressful. It is important to know your rights and understand how to handle such situations. When receiving a letter or communication from Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC or any debt collection agency, it is crucial to respond promptly and seek clarification regarding the debt being claimed. You have the right to request validation of the debt and to dispute any inaccurate or incorrect information. It is advisable to maintain records of all interactions and correspondences with the debt collection agency for future reference.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC on BBB:

When evaluating the credibility and reputation of a company, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a valuable resource. According to the BBB, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC has received a score of 1.37 out of 5 based on 78 customer reviews, indicating a significantly low level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, the company has accumulated numerous complaints, raising concerns about their practices and customer interactions. It is important to carefully consider this information and exercise caution when dealing with Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC.

Step Forward to Financial Relief:

If you find yourself facing financial challenges and struggling with debt, seeking professional assistance can provide the guidance and support you need. Companies like CuraDebt offer debt relief services to individuals seeking effective solutions. CuraDebt understands the complexities of debt and provides personalized strategies to help individuals overcome their financial burdens. Their services include debt settlement programs, debt negotiation services, and assistance with creditor communications. By working with a reputable debt relief company like CuraDebt, individuals can explore alternative options, develop customized plans, and regain control of their financial well-being. CuraDebt provides debt relief in California and other 36 states including California, Florida Alaska, and Maryland.


In conclusion, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is a prominent debt collection agency responsible for sending letters from Dept 922, Concord, CA. Understanding their role and reputation is essential in navigating debt-related matters. It is important to stay informed of your rights as a consumer and seek professional assistance when needed. Companies like CuraDebt can provide the expertise and support necessary to overcome financial challenges and work towards a debt-free future. Remember to exercise caution and make informed decisions when dealing with debt collection agencies to ensure your rights are protected and your financial well-being is prioritized.

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