Packing For Adventure: Travel Bags For Women

Packing For Adventure: Travel Bags For Women

Planning your next adventure-filled getaway? As you make preparations, you’ll want to have not only the right gear for your itinerary but also the perfect luggage to transport it all. Choosing the best travel bags for women will help make your trip that much more enjoyable.

Packing Capacity

Consider the following factors to determine the size, type and number of bags you’ll need to bring:

Trip Length

For shorter trips (two to four days), some good carry on luggage may be enough. Any longer than that and you’ll most likely need to upgrade to a more sizable bag.

Essential Gear

Besides your standard packing list items, jot down any adventure-specific gear you’ll need to make room for. Will you need to include layers to brave mountaintop conditions? Do you anticipate bringing home bottles of wine from your tour through the French Riviera? Reviewing your planned activities can help guide your luggage selection.

Airline Baggage Policies

Airlines have set tighter limits on both the size and number of bags you can bring on a flight for free. Check your airline carrier’s baggage policy to plan accordingly. Stick with luggage that is TSA-approved (meets dimension and weight limits), so you can travel without worrying about unexpected baggage fees.

Material And Durability

Anyone who’s ever checked a bag knows that luggage can have a rough travel experience. Choose bags and suitcases made from high-quality materials that can withstand getting stuffed into an overhead bin or tossed onto a baggage carousel. Stain resistance is key, too, as liquids have a sneaky way of leaking through bags.

Functional Designs

Zippers and pockets and spinner wheels, oh my! The best travel bags have nailed the design details inside and out. For a weekend getaway, look for a bag with loads of compartments that can fit everything from toiletries to dirty laundry. A padded shoulder strap provides added comfort.

If you’re traveling for more than a few days or you tend to pack everything but the kitchen sink, you’ll want a well-designed bag that features expandable space to squeeze in a few more items from your packing list. No more sitting on your suitcase to force it to close.

Versatile Styles

No need to sacrifice fashion for function. From duffle bags to backpacks, you can find a travel bag that suits your style.

Maximize efficiency and opt for a bag that meets more than one travel need. A sleek backpack that you use as your trusty carry-on can also serve as a daypack for hiking excursions.

For longer trips, trade in those clunky, awkward suitcases for check in luggage that is lightweight and chic. Choose a design with comfortable handles, easy maneuverability and ample packing space.

What better way to travel than with luggage that is both stylish and practical? Elevate your experience with bags and suitcases that are almost as picture-worthy as your destination. Look for a brand that designs luggage with the modern traveler in mind. Then pack your bags and you’re off. Adventure awaits!

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