Moving across states is more complicated than a move across town. Check out our fantastic tips about moving interstate to ensure a stress free move today.

Moving Across States: 4 Tips for a Stress Free House Move

Are you getting ready for your next big move? Moving across states (or even cross-country) is stressful even for people who have done similar moves in the past. You have a lot to prepare for in a short amount of time! 

It’s never going to be easy, but we have a few tips for moving across states that can help you make the process more painless. Read on to learn more. 

1. Plan Far (But Not Too Far) Ahead

There’s a delicate time balance that you’re going to want to aim for here. Make sure that you give yourself enough time without giving yourself too much time. But what does this mean?

You want to give yourself more than enough time to pack and take care of any necessities. Remember, you’re going to be dealing with transferring paperwork and accounts to your new state, dealing with any last-minute work situations, and trying to pack an entire home to go from point A to point B. 

You never want to feel rushed. You want to be able to take care of a few things every day so that when moving day rolls around, you’re ready to go. 

That said, giving yourself too much time is a problem as well. You could stress yourself out if you start over-planning too early. You may also accidentally pack things that you still need. 

Time it carefully. 

2. Start Small

You don’t have to pack your entire home all at once. Go step-by-step to make it easy.

Start with decluttering. When you declutter room-by-room, you can take breaks in-between and you get to remove things that you don’t want to take with you. This means that there will be less last-minute packing. 

When it comes to packing, start with the things that you know you won’t need for the foreseeable future. Are you moving during the summer? Time to fill a box with your winter clothing and holiday decorations to prepare for the move.

When you take small steps every day, moving day will be a breeze. 

3. Make A Checklist

You can’t afford to forget anything when you’re moving so far. Always create a checklist for moving across states before you pack your first box.

Your checklist should include (among other things):

  • Every piece of furniture you’re bringing
  • All necessary pre-move responsibilities
  • Important documents
  • Moving-day itinerary 
  • Fragile or important items

Make sure that everyone has a copy of the checklist so you’re all on the same page. This will keep you organized and give you the peace of mind that you’ll need to have a (relatively) stress-free move.

4. Don’t Do It Alone

There is nothing noble about trying to move by yourself. You’re making things harder and you’re more likely to make mistakes. Ask for help!

Start with friends and family members. Many people will be happy to lend a helping hand if you ask. You can even make an event of it by offering drinks or snacks to people who help with the packing process.

Make sure that you hire a long distance moving company for the actual move. Unless you’re moving from one studio apartment or tiny home to another, you don’t want to have to move your entire life across the country without assistance. 

Moving Across States? Use Our Tips 

Figuring out how to move across states can be stressful, but with these tips, you can make it to your new home with as little stress as possible. 

Remember, when you’re moving across states, give yourself time, ask for help, make a checklist, and start small. You’ll be well on your way toward a successful move.

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