Motorhome Living: A How-to Guide for New Nomads

Are you tired of the daily grind? If the 9-5 life and commitments of adulthood are bringing you down, it might be time to make a radical change—sell or rent the home and try out motorhome living.

RV life is becoming increasingly popular, as it lets people live and work just about anywhere, from the comfort of their home on wheels. It lets you travel, see the country, and enjoy life at your own pace.

However, you won’t want to jump straight into motorhome life without doing some planning. Keep reading to find a few key considerations for new nomads—and why they’re important.


If you want to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle, you’ll first want to think about downsizing! Even large RVs have limited storage space, so space for your belongings is at a premium.

For living in an RV long-term, you’ll probably want to sell your larger items, like furniture, or move everything into storage. The less stuff you take with you in the RV, the more room you’ll have for moving around and living space.

Make a rule that every item living in the RV must have a designated home.

Prepare for Anything

When it comes to RV living, anything can happen–so you’ll want to be prepared. From flat tires to engine problems, anything can happen when you’re on the open road.

Look after your RB by purchasing comprehensive insurance—check it out. The right insurance policy will cover you so that you’re not out of pocket for expensive repairs.

Advance Planning Is Key

Living on the road, you need to plan in advance. Where will you go, where will you sleep at night, and how will you manage your water and electricity?

Although part of the fun of van life is the spontaneity, you don’t want to find yourself in a new town with nowhere to park for the night.

Research camps and RV parks before heading to a new area, especially if you’re visiting at peak periods like summer vacation or the Christmas holidays. Some popular locations require advance reservations and can book out fast.


How will you earn money on the road? You might be living off savings or you’re retired, but many people still work while enjoying RV life.

If you’re not working, budget carefully–work out how much you’ll spend each month on fuel, food, sightseeing, and general living expenses. Or, if you’re going to work on the road, look for high-paying remote jobs like freelancing, graphics design, or online marketing.

Embrace Motorhome Living With These Tips

If the open road is calling your name, use the tips above to start thinking about motorhome living and how it will work for you.

It’s an amazing way to live and travel for couples, families, or singles—everyone can enjoy the fun of van life. To get started, spend some time researching RVs, destinations, and read more about van life from others who’ve done it.

Get ready for one of the biggest adventures of your life!

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