Mastering Your Aim With Competition Glock Sights

Mastering Your Aim With Competition Glock Sights

The stock Glock pistol is an excellent weapon, but you can improve it significantly with the right upgrades. These include improved and upgraded sights.

Upgraded sights are easier to see and allow you to acquire targets quickly. Consider a tritium or fiber optic front sight. This will maintain visibility in low-light or no-light conditions.


Regardless of the type of sight you add, your stance is vital for optimal shooting performance. There are several types of pistol stances, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Competition shooters favor the weaver stance because it offers maximum stability and allows the shooter to transition easily between different targets. However, it has a significant drawback that affects cross-dominant shooters (those who are right-handed but have a dominant eye on the left or vice versa). This requires them to strain their head as they can’t naturally align their gun sight with their eye.

The Chapman stance is a better option for those with this condition. It offers improved recoil control by incorporating a boxing-style position that locks the gun tight to the body. It also tucks the weapon away from attackers, making it difficult to disarm or grab. This stance is often used for close-range self-defense, as it minimizes the perpetrator’s ability to access your firearm.


There are a few ways to improve the accuracy of your competition Glock sights. One way is to upgrade the sights on your gun. Many options include night, fiber optic, U-notch, red dot, and reflex sights. Each option has its pros and cons.

The best sights for Glock pistols depend on your shooting needs and lighting conditions. For example, night sights are famous for self-defense because they enhance visibility in low-light conditions. These sights typically incorporate tritium inserts that emit a glow. Some sights also offer a combination of fiber optics and tritium to make it easy to see in both day and night lighting conditions.

Applying a firm but moderate pressure is essential when you grip your pistol. This provides stability and ensures the weapon won’t slip out of your hands in self-defense. However, it’s also important not to grip the gun too tightly, as this can cause fatigue in your hands and arms.


Glock factory sights are fine for range shooting but leave much to be desired in a competition gun. Adding a new set of sights improves aim and performance, making it easier to hit your targets.

The key is to choose sights that are easy to see and align. 

Another option is to go with night sights that combine a tritium front sight with a fiber optic rear sight. This combination is an excellent choice for use in daytime or low-light situations, and it’s also ideal for competition handguns or handguns used for self-defense. These sights are durable and hard-wearing, which can withstand much use without suffering damage. Get a sight-pushing tool, making swapping your sights quick and easy. It also helps protect the sight and prevent accidental damage.


Generally, you’ll choose a sight that is easy to see and aligns with the front sight. This will help to remove anticipation of the trigger break from the shot process and improve accuracy.

It’s essential to control your trigger finger without having it twitch during a shootout, as this can lead to inconsistent shots. The best way to do this is by practicing a trigger pull that’s smooth and straight back until the shot breaks.

Additionally, it’s essential to use a good mouse and keyboard setup, master crosshair placement, train with an aim trainer, and stick to consistent gaming sessions. This will allow you to spend your time focused on aim training and become a better player in no time.

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