Is Flower Delivery a Foolproof Gift for Your Business Partners?

Is Flower Delivery a Foolproof Gift for Your Business Partners?

The Short Answer: Just About

We’ll go into the details a bit further, but it’s hard to make a mistake with quality, fresh flowers as a gift to new or existing business partners. Whether you’re commemorating a partnership, or you’re initiating a new one, flowers send a message, and it’s a good message. Just exercise discretion and common sense in the sending. Consider the following.

1. Keep Things Professional

First things first: don’t put any messages in flowers you give to a business partner that may be taken the wrong way. So if you have one intern make the flower acquisition, and he’s delivering to an intern with your business partner who happens to be attractive, don’t let him write some message on the card with the flowers that could be misinterpreted.

The thing is, floral gifts (or other gifts) between divisions or partners in a corporate setting are usually delegated. The person running things tells someone further down the chain of command to get the job done, and they do.

Well, it’s worth it to outline professional gift-giving protocols between companies so nobody decides to “go the extra mile” and incidentally makes a mess.

2. Explore Options in Floral Delivery

Another great idea to save everybody time and complication is to find the best flower delivery options in your area. These will have an operational infrastructure already in place that already caters to a variety of professional clients, helping you assure proper messages are delivered with a professionally designed bouquet communicating clear class and elegance.

3. Don’t Get Into Any Back and Forth Contests

This one’s a bit funny, but it’s worth considering. If you get your business partners the most opulent bouquet you can find, that may communicate that they should reciprocate. Perhaps this wasn’t your intention, but the result could be your business partners or affiliates send an even bigger bouquet to your offices.

This sort of thing can keep going for a while. It’s something more likely to be seen between competitors, but sometimes your internal partners have a friendly rivalry within your company. In the military, the Army and Navy are famous for their rivalry. If you’re a marketing business connected with a sales agency, the same sort of rivalry may manifest.

Accordingly, don’t get involved in any back-and-forth contests with business partners. A good way to avoid that from the outset is to be strategic in bouquet acquisition, composition, and delivery. If you communicate a cordial, professional message, it’s less likely to be misinterpreted.

Professional Courtesy and a Clear Showing of Good Will

Keep things professional. Explore varying options in floral delivery for best results in terms of convenience, etc. Finally, don’t get into any back-and-forth contests. Unless, of course, everybody’s having fun with it for one reason or another.

Generally, these tips should help you not only get the right flowers, but foster a healthy relationship between one or many business partners. So explore your options, and put a little thought into whatever you end up buying for the businesses with whom you partner.

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