Injured Working in an Oilfield? You Can Get Compensation

Injured Working in an Oilfield? You Can Get Compensation

Working in an oil field can be a unique and rewarding experience for the right person and one that provides excellent financial compensation. However, there’s also a pretty big risk of getting injured while working in this industry. Many of these injuries are likely the fault of the oil field company inadequately providing support. If you’re not certain about your injury, here’s what you need to know.

Legal Standards Apply to All Oil Fields 

While oil companies are major corporations that might seem (and think they are) protected from legal repercussions, that’s not simply the case. OSHA has pushed forward a series of laws, including The General Duty Clause of the OSH Act, that help protect workers and keep them safe from injury. It dictates that oil field companies must perform various acts, such as:

  • Creating a safe place to work that minimizes dangers, like potential oil contamination 
  • Providing proper training that keeps you and other workers safe from danger
  • Giving workers access to medical records and potential exposure dangers on the job
  • Setting up regular medical exams to check for common problems, like physical strain 
  • Assigning safety departments to ensure that all safety standards are met 
  • Writing an exposure control plan (ECP) to help manage emergency exposure situations 
  • Hanging and maintaining reliable signs and labels that minimize injury risks 
  • Maintaining communication lines with local emergency response professionals near fields 
  • Reporting injuries and fatalities within 24 hours to the proper authorities and family members

If your oilfield employer fails to provide you with these safety measures, there’s a good chance that you have a case. While it can seem scary to go up against your employer, it’s worth it if their actions caused you serious injury and you aren’t sure how to get compensation. Thankfully, a team of skilled lawyers can make this experience more tenable for you.

You Can Get Compensation 

While it might seem like you couldn’t possibly win a lawsuit against such a large organization as an oil field, they get sued regularly by various groups. Yes, it is always challenging to go against large corporations with extensive legal departments. That said, a strong oilfield injury lawyer can improve your chances of winning by creating an air-tight case that proves you deserve compensation. 

For example, they can collect evidence about your injury and show that it adversely affected your life in serious ways. Then, they can highlight different ways that the oilfield company causes your injury, typically through a lack of proper safety measures. Evidence from witnesses can make your case easier to win and provide you with a stronger potential compensation amount.

Don’t Let Your Injury Ruin Your Life

Severe oil field injuries can be very frustrating and may affect your life for years after they occur. However, working with a skilled lawyer can reduce their impact on your life and make it easier for you to recover when they impact you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional if you’re worried about this situation. Doing so can ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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