How to Tell if Your HVAC Needs Repairs

How to Tell if Your HVAC Needs Repairs

You’ve had your HVAC system for a while in your Des Moines home or office and you’re wondering if you need to have it repaired. This might be outside its regular maintenance schedule. Before you look up “Des Moines HVAC,” here are some things to consider: 

Has Your Energy Bill Gone Up a Lot Recently? 

If your HVAC isn’t working right, then it tends to use more energy to try to get the job done. That’s going to mean that your energy bill is going to rise, too. If you notice a spike in your energy bill, and you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary, then it’s worth having someone look at your unit to make sure that nothing’s happening to make it be an energy drain. Your bills will look better afterward. 

Is Your Unit Too Noisy? 

When it comes to HVACs, they tend to be on quiet side. You might hear the air rushing out, but that’s usually about it. But if you start to hear it make a lot of noise, then you should think about having someone come take a look at it. Something could be happening inside, and if you let it go too long, then you could be looking at a lot more expensive repairs. 

Are You Having Uneven Results?

If you’ve picked a correctly sized unit for the room, it should either heat or cool things properly. If that’s the case and there are some hot or cold spots, then that could mean something’s going on. If that’s the case, you should have a professional come take a look at it. 

Is Your Unit Leaking? 

This is one of the surest signs that you need to have someone come take a look at it. Not only could the leaking damage your unit, it could also cause wall damage and even mold. Have someone come repair it as quickly as possible to prevent any long-term damage. 

Can You Feel the Airflow?

When your HVAC unit is working at its peak, you should feel the flow of air at all times when it’s running. If the flow seems weak, then you should call someone to come repair. Otherwise, you could be feeling uncomfortable on a very hot or cold day. 

Is Your Place Feeling Very Humid? 

The purpose of your HVAC is to cool down your place. If it still feels very muggy and humid, then you need to have someone experienced with these units come take a look at the interior. That way, they can make your home feel nice and temperate again. 

Does Your Unit Seem to Have a Mind of Its Own? 

When you turn on your HVAC, does it only stay on for a few minutes and then turn back on? Is it erratic? That could mean that something’s going on inside. It could mean anything from something happening to the wiring to the coolant running out. Bring in a professional to have them get it back on track. 

One of the main reasons to have a service person do this is that it keeps it under warranty. If you try to do it yourself, then you run the risk of voiding that warranty. You will also have documentation that it was a licensed professional who did the job. 

Most of the time, it’s the older units that cause problems, but it’s a good idea to make sure to keep an eye on your newer on. Then you can enjoy being comfortable with the temperature of your place. 

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