How To Repair And Restore Your Roof After A Storm Damage

How To Repair And Restore Your Roof After A Storm Damage

During a major storm, your roof is the most affected aspect of your home. Hailstorms can interfere with the roof’s integrity, and strong winds can result in missing shingles and falling trees. When this happens, you, your family, and your possessions are left without protection, which might cause severe destruction of property and valuables.

Once the storm has damaged your roof, you must act quickly to prevent further damage. If you’re yet to know the steps you should take after the storm to ensure your roof becomes functional again, read along to learn.  

Handle Emergency Damage Immediately

Some repairs can’t wait. For example, a great storm can cause tree branches to fall on your roof. As a result, holes might allow water to pour into your home. You must deal with the needed repairs as soon as possible, or else they might cause severe damage to your property and put your family’s safety at risk. While you might not be able to handle such repairs, especially if the storm is still on, all you need to do is to call an emergency roofing contractor to prevent water from entering your home.  

Get A Thorough Inspection

Once emergency repairs are dealt with, the next step is to get a thorough inspection. After the storm is over, have a reputable roofing company such as Sioux Falls Roofing Company or others assess the entire roof to determine the extent of the damage. The inspection will include checking whether there are roof cement beads, loose flashing, missing shingles, and the ridge cap state. The contractors will also inspect if the gutters are destroyed and to what extent.

The importance of having a professional roofing company assess the extent of the damage is that they’ll be honest about the damage extent. That said, they’ll inform you whether the damage warrants filing an insurance claim or not.

Broken roof after a storm

Get Estimates And Weigh Your Options

In most cases, you get roof repair estimates during the inspection. However, you don’t need to settle for the first roofing company you come across. Therefore, it’s wise to invite several roofing companies to compare services and costs. Once you’ve got different estimates, choose a company that charges reasonably.

While paying less for repairs might be every homeowner’s dream, it’s essential to understand the services a particular company offers. Are they long-lasting, or are you getting what you’re paying for? If you have doubts about the quality of the service, you’d better pay more and be sure. You can understand a company’s service quality by carefully studying the roofing contractor reviews before hiring one.

Contact Your Homeowner Insurance Provider

After the inspection, you will know if the damage requires filing a storm damage claim. If it does, you’ll need to talk to your insurance provider before hiring a roofing contractor. Once you’ve negotiated with your insurance provider, ensure you understand the exact amount they’re willing to pay so that you’ll be ready if you need some additional funds from your pocket to complete the project.

Schedule The Repair Date

Once everything regarding the funding and hiring of a contractor is settled, and you’ve decided on the roofing type you desire, the next thing will be scheduling the repair dates. At this point, you need to consider the weather condition, your availability, and the contractor’s schedule to come up with a perfect date. It’s crucial to plan since a roof-repairing project can last from a day to a week, depending on the severity of the damage, weather condition, and the size of the roof.

Develop A Clean-Up Plan

When hiring a roofing contractor or company, it’s advisable to ask them if they offer clean-up services, and if yes, find out if the service cost is in the initial cost. If they offer these services at a different price, consider bargaining to pay less.

Alternatively, consider developing a clean-up plan if they don’t offer clean-up services. For instance, you can decide to save on these services by cleaning up the mess yourself or hire a waste removal company to handle the job professionally. If you choose to do it yourself, request the contractors to minimize the clutter so you can have less to deal with.

Handle Interior Roof-Leak Damage

It won’t help to repair the interior damage before repairing the cause of the damage, which in this case, is the roof. Once the roof is repaired and functional, start the interior roof-leak damage repair.  


Repairing and restoring your roof is the first step you should take after a storm. Failure to act immediately will only result in severe damage. To avoid escalating the issue, you should also avoid handling roof repair projects, especially if you are inexperienced. Instead, hire a reputable roofing company to do what they do best.

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