Did you know that your face shape determines what glasses will suit you best? Keep reading our brief guide to find the right frames for your face.

How to Pick the Correct Glasses for Your Face Shape in 2022

Roughly 75% of the adult population requires some kind of corrective lenses to see properly.

Choosing glasses frames and sunglasses styles is a commitment. How do you choose the frame that’s right for your face shape?

If you aren’t sure what your face shape is or the right type of frame, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn everything you need to know about choosing frames for your prescription glasses.

Choosing Frames For Your Face Shape

Trying to tell what kind of face shape you have can be tough if you’re not sure what to look for. There are a few key traits to each shape that will help you identify it.

Once you know your face shape, you’ll be ready to choose a set of handmade frames that fits your face perfectly!

Round Face

A round face is about as long as it is wide and has soft features. Round faces typically don’t have a pointed chin or prominent cheekbones.

The best frames for round faces are usually boxy shapes like squares or rectangles. Frames that are too rounded will accentuate your face’s roundness in an unflattering way.

The best frames for women with round faces tend to be rectangular or even an upswept shape like cat-eye frames.

Try to choose frames that are wider than your face. This will make your face shape appear longer and less circular.

Square Face

A strong and angular jaw is a clear sign of a square face. Square faces have a wide forehead and a length similar to their width.

To play off of the sharp angles of a square face, choose frames with softer shapes. Rectangular frames will make your features look too sharp and add the illusion of too much width.

Good frames for men and women with square faces include circular and oval.

Oval Face

People with oval faces are lucky when it comes to glasses frames. An oval face is suitable for almost any type of frame.

Oval faces are slightly longer than they are wide and feature a narrow forehead and chin. If you have an oval face, feel free to play around with unique frames that don’t work for other face shapes.

Bigger frames tend to be a good choice for oval faces if you need somewhere to start. This shape will even out the length of your face.

Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces usually have a broad forehead and a narrow chin that comes to a point. Choosing the right frame is critical for people with this face shape.

Choosing a top-heavy frame will make a heart-shaped face’s forehead look bigger than it is. Try to find a frame with detailing on the bottom to downplay how your face narrows through to the chin.

Round or oblong frames are a good choice to avoid drawing attention to the forehead.

Buy Glasses Confidently

Knowing what kind of frame suits your face will take out a lot of the anxiety of glasses shopping. Look in the mirror and take note of your features to determine your face shape.

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