How To Make My Own College And University Custom Frames

How To Make My Own College And University Custom Frames

If you are wondering how to make your own college and university custom frames, then keep reading. We’ll talk about craftsmanship, sizes, options, and cost. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to making your very own college and university custom frames.


When choosing a frame for a college or university diploma, the craftsmanship should match the quality of the document. A licensed frame will be of higher quality than an unlicensed frame. It is reviewed for craftsmanship, carefully screened, and evaluated for customer service. It must also meet the brand identity standards of the university. By purchasing a licensed frame, you’re guaranteed that the frame will be of the highest quality and be made only from products approved by the university.

A custom college or university diploma frame should be made with museum-quality materials and backing. Using conservation-grade UV glass will protect your document from fading in sunlight and indoor incandescent light. The materials used should meet or exceed Library of Congress standards. The framing company should be knowledgeable about these materials and how to use them. A high-quality frame will be more durable and your diploma will look great.


There are many different options when it comes to framing your college or university diploma. The type of framing you choose depends on where you’ll display your diploma. For instance, if you’ll be displaying it in a workplace, you’ll probably want a more traditional frame. For a more formal display, however, you should consider making a college or university custom frame.

The first option is to visit a local college bookstore. While you’ll probably find a limited selection, these stores don’t usually specialize in custom framing. You can also ask them to make the frame based on the size of the document. While they might have fun, university-specific frames, you may want a timeless frame that shows off the school’s colors and logo. However, it is possible to find a college or university frame from a reputable store that has a long and distinguished history of making quality frames.


When framing a diploma, it is important to know the size of the certificate. While you can get one that is a standard size, you can also get custom frames for university and college diplomas. Custom framing will allow you to match the frame to your personal style. You can order a large frame or a small one to fit a diploma. Most framing stores can help you with this.

A custom frame for a diploma will show off the school’s colors and landmarks. Some colleges and universities even have their own unique styles and sizes. For a large university, you can choose between hardwood frames and mat board in the school’s colors. You can also choose a tassel and college logo if you would like to match the frame. However, you should remember that college and university diplomas are unique and should be placed in a frame that will showcase both of these things.


The cost of college and university custom frames varies depending on the size, materials used, and type of framing. Simple frames, with a thin border and a single color, can be quite inexpensive. Expensive, or “custom,” frames can run upwards of $500. Often, larger diploma frames include a place for a metal placard with the college or university’s name and date of graduation.

Traditional college and university custom frames have a more traditional look and feature the basic elements of a standard frame. These frames are typically made from hardwood molding and fitted with a mat board, either black or the school’s color. They look elegant and complement any type of décor. A custom college or university diploma frame will be a lasting reminder of your college or university experience. There are several options for college and university custom framing, from classic to modern styles.

Places to buy

If you’re looking for custom framing services, you may consider visiting a chain store. These stores offer a variety of art supplies, hobby supplies, and home decor items, including custom framing. Many also offer framing classes. The benefits of chain stores for framing are many, but they may not have the personalized service that you need. A closer option is to visit a college campus or university’s art supply store.

College bookstores are another place to purchase custom frames, but their selection is often small. College bookstores aren’t typically geared toward custom framing, so they’re unlikely to have the knowledge to help you choose the right frame for your diploma. Besides, you’re likely to find fun, university-specific frames here rather than classic, timeless frames. Buying from a college bookstore might not be the best idea for framing your diploma, and you might end up spending more money than necessary.

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