How to Improve a Troubled Relationship: A Guide

How to Improve a Troubled Relationship: A Guide

Nearly 60 percent of women and men that are unhappy with their relationships said that they would still be happy to spend the rest of their lives with their partners. Does this sound familiar?

Are you unhappy with your partner, but want to make it work? Some things are worth fighting for so check out these tips on how to save a troubled relationship.


There’s a reason you always hear that communication is the most important part of a relationship. The best thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to communicate—just express your feelings.

You want to engage your partner in conversation and talk about their interests as well. Make sure you really listen to what they have to say.

Reserve heavy conversations for when your emotions are calmed down. It’s best to discuss when you are not as angry.

Always give your partner your full attention—that means turn off the tv and put that phone down!

Your Relationship Should Be Top Priority

Think of your relationship as a living thing—it’s either growing or it’s dying. When you spend time nurturing and investing energy, they thrive. If you are struggling, it means something is neglected, so make your relationship a top priority.

Do Something Special

Life gets busy, but you should spend time together. Try venturing and doing something fun and romantic like visiting the restaurant of your first date or going to the place you got engaged. Physical places can bring up powerful memories and help you ignite some passion.

Try taking a vacation together—just the two of you! Spice things up in the bedroom by checking out some fun products on

It’s time to stop talking about doing things and adding them to your calendar. Take turns picking something to do. Take this time to really reconnect and focus on improving your relationship,

Accept Disappointment

Our expectations don’t always match reality. You have to learn that there will be times of disappointment in any relationship. It happens.

Too often, we focus on the negative instead of accepting that it happens. Change your expectations to learn from your times of disappointment. These can be unplanned blessings to help you learn and grow together.

Remove External Influences

You do not need outside voices seeping into your private relationship. This only creates toxicity. It’s important that you don’t listen to your negative influences and commit to hearing the positive voices.

Your relationship is between your partner and you; nobody else is included. This means you shouldn’t bash your partner to others. They probably don’t know the answers, so talk to your partner about your feelings first.

Learn to Forgive

Forgiveness does not mean permission. We sometimes lose the thought of what forgiveness truly means. It means that you accept your partner is doing their best and sometimes mistakes happen.

Forgiveness also means you have to let go of the hurt to move forward. If you can’t let go, it shows there are deeper issues. You want to allow new possibilities in the future.

Working on Your Troubled Relationship

Following this relationship advice may help you with your troubled relationship. You need to remember these things take time. Relationships need to be a top priority and nurtured to grow properly.

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