The versatility and durability of hardwood is what homeowner's love so much! Learn how to clean your hardwood floors to maintain longevity.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

There is enormous demand for hardwood flooring, with the market expected to be worth more than $55 billion by 2026. You may already have noticed how appealing these floors are and installed this flooring material on your property.

But how can you clean hardwood floors to help keep them in pristine condition? Once you’ve invested in this beautiful flooring type, you’ll be eager to make sure it looks its best at all times. 

The good news is you can follow a few simple tips to clean your hardwood floors and give them a stunning appearance. 

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Remove Loose Surface Dirt

The first step is to get rid of any loose dust and debris that may be on top of your hardwood floor. You can use a vacuum to do this or sweep dirt away using a broom. Remember to sweep close to the edges of the boards to pick up dust that could otherwise end up on your mop.

This not only makes it easier when it comes to mopping your floor, but it can also help you notice any stains that may require a bit of extra attention later in the cleaning process. 

Choose a Suitable Hardwood Floor Cleaning Product

When learning how to clean hardwood floors, it’s important to choose the right cleaning products for your flooring finish. Most residential hardwood floors will have a surface finish that prevents water from being absorbed into the wood. However, some floors may have a penetrating finish that doesn’t totally seal the surface, leaving the floor susceptible to water damage. 

If your floor has a surface finish, you can use water-based cleaning products. But, if your floor has a penetrating finish, these types of products could cause severe damage. A reliable company that sells high-quality cheap flooring will be able to tell you about your floor and help you to choose the most suitable cleaning solutions. 

Mop Your Hardwood Floors

You may find it easier to use a microfibre mop to clean hardwood floors as this material can absorb large amounts of water. Use a spray bottle to avoid putting too much cleaning solution on your floor, and wipe in the same direction as the floorboards to collect as much dirt as possible. 

If you notice any stubborn stains at this stage, you can give them an extra scrub. 

Clean Hardwood Floors With Ease

If you maintain a regular routine, it can be easy to clean hardwood floors and keep them looking amazing. It’s a good idea to make sure there is minimal dust and dirt on your wooden floor before you start mopping, and to use the right cleaning product for your type of flooring finish. When mopping, be sure to use only as much cleaning product as necessary to minimize the risk of damage to your floor. 

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