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How to Choose Window Tinting Services: What to Know for Homeowners

When you’re out on the boat or at the beach, there’s not much better than clear blue skies, plentiful sunshine, and a nice gentle breeze to keep you cool, right?

But when you’re sitting in your favorite chair in the living room and that same sun is blazing through the windows, it’s blinding; it’s hot, and it’s not so good.

Maybe it’s time to think about getting your windows tinted as your neighbors did. They’ve been raving about how much more comfortable their house is and how much less the air conditioner is running.

What did they say? 76% of the sun that hits windows enters the house to become heat? Lowering that number has to be a good thing!

How do you choose window tinting services and compare tinting costs? Let’s take a look at five steps.

1. Start With Customer Reviews

The quickest way to get a sense of what a company’s customers are saying about their window tinting experience is to check them in Google. You’ll be able to see how many stars they’ve gotten and read any specific reviews.

Look for other online customer reviews, too. Are they rated on Yelp? Do they have a Facebook page you can check for comments? Next, go to their website. 

If they are a member of the Better Business Bureau, that’s usually listed and a good way to check on any complaints. Most companies also list testimonials on their website which you can read. 

And don’t hesitate to ask the company for even more testimonials. Good companies are happy to have you speak to satisfied customers.

2. By the Book: Licensed and Insured

It seems basic, but many people never verify that the company they are considering working with is fully licensed and insured.

So make sure, 100% sure, that the company is licensed and insured. If someone from an uninsured company damages your home, or worse, one of their workers is injured on the job, you are very likely going to be held liable.

That could cost you many, many thousands of dollars over and above the cost of your home window tinting!

3. What Types of Tinting Do They Offer

Window tinting films are designed to do several different things depending on what your priorities are. For most people, tinting to control solar gain and UV is the most popular.

There are also tinting films designed for decorative purposes and other films which greatly enhance home security. Let’s take a look at the different kinds.

Solar Control Film

Specifically designed to block a certain percentage of the sun’s energy from entering your house, solar films come in a variety of tint percentages. 

All of them are effective at blocking UV rays – which cause fabrics to fade – and reducing glare. Some films can block up to 99% of UV rays while still letting light in.

Most importantly, solar films help by lowering your energy costs. And the less solar heat entering your house, the less you’ll be paying for air conditioning.

An established company with years of window tinting experience will have lots of options and be able to make good recommendations to you. They’ll know what’s recommended in your climate and area.

If there are any restrictions – homeowner association rules – they will be aware of them.

Decorative Window Tints

As the name implies, decorative window tints are used aesthetically or to add privacy. They come in a variety of colors, shades, and even patterns.

It’s important to note that from the outside, all that’s visible is an opaque tint. Decorative tints are thin, so they offer little solar control or added security.

Tints for Added Security

Although not effective at controlling solar gain or blocking UV, specialty security films are very effective at minimizing glass shattering. And because they are thick, they reduce visibility from the outside in.

For homeowners with concerns about security or who may worry about storm damage, security tints are a good option.

Ceramic and Metallized Tints

Relatively new, these specialized tints use tiny ceramic or metal particles to reflect light and prevent heat gain. Though more expensive, they are also longer lasting.

4. What Will Tinting Cost

The actual cost of having your window tinting project completed will play a major role, of course. The number of windows you’re having tinted and, the size of the windows is a factor.

Once you have narrowed down the tinting options and decided what you want, ask for a firm estimate based on the specifics. If you are considering several companies, get estimates from each of them. Be sure to compare apples to apples.

Don’t forget to ask if there are any special offers, discounts, or promotions that can help you save some money.

5. Installation

You might get an idea about the actual installation process from online reviews, but you’ll want answers from the company you’re considering using.

First and foremost, you’ll want a firm date. When will the installation start and how long will it take from start to finish?

Other things you’ll want to know are how many workmen will do the installation? Do you need to be home during installation?

Ask if is there anything you need to do in preparation? Are you expected to move furniture near the windows or take down curtains and drapes?

Professional, courteous answers to these questions will go a long way in reassuring you that you’ve chosen the right company.

Now You Know How to Choose Window Tinting Services

Having your windows professionally treated by a reputable company is a good investment. It will lower your energy costs, make your home more comfortable, and add to your home’s value.

Remember to ask the right questions when you choose window tinting services. Review as much online information about the company as you can and ask for testimonials and references.

Finally, get a firm estimate, consider everything, and then get all the benefits of window tinting for your home!

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