Do you want the perfect mood and atmosphere in your home? If so, this is how you can create the perfect color temperature.

How to Achieve the Perfect Color Temperature in Your Home

Did you know that different colors can actually have a huge impact on your feelings and emotions? Color psychology can apply to all areas of your life, including your home decor and lighting.

Have you ever thought about using color temperature when it comes to proper lighting inside of your house? Here is a guide to finding the perfect lighting so that you feel your best when you are in your home comfort zone.

Types of Color Temperature

When you think of color temperature in a home setting, three main types may come to mind: warm, neutral, and cool. These types of color temperatures need different lighting to achieve the effect that you want.

Warm temperatures tend to migrate towards yellow and create an incandescent atmosphere. Use a Kelvin temperature guide to determine how bright you want your bulbs to be for perfect lighting. The lower the number, the warmer the light appears.

Neutral and cooler shades include anything from soft white lighting to bright lighting that properly illuminates a space. They usually work best in office and work environments, but can do wonders for your home when paired with the right paint and furniture colors.

Think About Your Home Style

Another huge factor when it comes to proper lighting for your home is the furniture theme or style. If you have browns, reds, and yellows, then you may want to try warmer lighting or window tinting to achieve a soft and homey feel.

However, for more modern furniture and minimalist spaces, sometimes cooler lighting works best. This will help to accentuate the modern look and feel and highlight the furniture pieces.

Different Room Color Temperatures

You do not have to have the same perfect lighting for every room in your house, especially if they serve different purposes. For instance, if you work from home in a home office, you should try to have a brighter color temperature to promote focus and productivity.

For a living room or a den, you may want to lean towards a warmer lighting scheme. This will help you feel more relaxed and happy, especially when unwinding with family and friends.

If your living area or kitchen has large windows, you should definitely try window tinting to achieve the perfect lighting. Brands like EcoArc window tint are a cost-effective solution. They can completely transform the color temperature of a room without changing your bulbs.

Find the Color Temperature That Works

Whether you want a new lighting scheme for your home or you are building it from scratch, you should make sure to coordinate the color temperature. With this lighting guide, you can achieve the perfect ambiance and feel comfortable in your home.

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