How Often Should You Go For An Eye Exam

The regularity of your visits to the optometrist are ultimately down to your personal preference and choice but it is encouraged that you attend regular and Routine Eye Exams. This is because your eye health and eye care are really important and your optometrist can reveal a lot from your regular eye exams. Most of the time when you attend a regular routine eye exam you will leave with the peace of mind that everything is fine with your eyes and you can get on with your daily life until your next visit. So, what is considered to be regular and what is involved in a routine eye exam? 

An optometrist would suggest that you make a visit to see them every 6 months, this gives enough time for changes to occur if that was to be the case but also regular enough to detect any changes quickly so as to make an assessment and provide the necessary treatment. A routine eye exam is done by a type of x-ray and it gives your optometrist an overall view of your eyes and the condition of their health. Your optometrist will spend several minutes having a close look at the images and comparing them with previous images to look for any slight changes or if in a more serious case, a change that can be more worrying. An optometrist is highly skilled and qualified to look at the eye exam and notice any changes that have occurred and to prescribe the appropriate treatments. 

A routine eye exam also helps with conditions that are already present, it means that having regular routine eye exams an optometrist can determine the speed that the condition is growing it and will make apparent the right time to intervene with treatment or surgery in the cases of cataracts. With cataracts, this is usually a condition that occurs in advancing age and it can become gradually worse of time, it may even be a quick change. There is treatment for cataracts and in some cases, it may even need surgery to remove them. This is a very simple procedure but the results are life changing. A routine eye exam will help the optometrist to determine when the surgery is needed or if the cataracts just require a different type of treatment. 

There are many things that an optometrist can see from a routine eye exam but the only way they can be sure is that you make regular appointments and keep on top of your eye care. It may seem like a low priority thing to do but there are many benefits to receiving routine eye exams on a regular basis. If you do not make regular visits then you must be sure that if you feel any changes with vision or other eye health changes then you are to make an appointment with your optometrist to get a check over and to ensure that there are no concerning results. 

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