Do you visit the dentist regularly? Have you ever asked yourself the question: how often should I go to the dentist? Read on to learn more.

How Often Should I Go to the Dentist?

The mouth is a funny old thing. We rely so heavily on it, yet far too many of us don’t do much to ensure it’s healthy.

You don’t go to the doctor unless you’re in pain and feel unwell, but you probably do still get regular checkups. The same should apply to your oral health.

Prevention is almost always better than cure, and your teeth will thank you for following that. So you’re wondering, “how often should I go to the dentist?”

In this article, all will be revealed, alongside the reasons why.

How Often Should I Go to the Dentist if I Brush Regularly?

Everyone knows the importance of brushing their teeth. Some go further than others, with floss, mouthwash, and more, providing health benefits and minty-fresh breath. However, that’s no excuse not to visit a dental office regularly.

Ideally, everyone should visit a dentist twice a year. That’s the case even if you’re the picture of oral health.

So many oral problems start small and out of sight. Even if you keep to a strict oral health schedule, you may face issues that can grow over time. Unfortunately, while you couldn’t see them, a dentist would’ve been able to and could’ve prevented them before they got worse.

By visiting the dentist twice a year, you can ensure that you regularly have a set of professional eyes on what goes on inside your mouth.

This timing matters, even for something as simple as cavities. They don’t appear overnight. Instead, they’ll often take at least six months, even in generally unhealthy mouths.

Regular dentist visits mean that cavities never get the chance to evolve past the minor stage. It goes without saying that the sooner they’re identified, the less painful they become in the long term!

How to Choose a Dentist

One reason some people don’t visit a dentist is they don’t know how to choose a dentist in the first place!

There were over 200,000 registered dentists in the US as of 2021, so there’s no shortage of options.

What constitutes the “best” dentist varies depending on your specific health needs, but always consider:

  • Personal recommendations from your community, either in person or online
  • How they work with your insurance and payment plans
  • How easy it is to get to appointments based on location, traffic, and parking

Make Dental Hygiene Part of Your Routine

A stunning 3 billion people globally don’t brush their teeth twice a day. Of course, circumstances differ worldwide, but if you’re able to do so, it makes sense to stay on top of your dental health.

By brushing twice a day, you’ll:

  • Remove plaque before it has a chance to solidify
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Make your teeth whiter
  • Reduce the chances of gum disease and cavities

Think of dental visits as a partnership. You take care of the routine maintenance and cleaning, but you call on a professional a couple of times each year to take a closer look at the parts outside your area of expertise.

Get Oral Health Benefits From a Professional Touch

Dental problems might be challenging to see and might even be painless. However, think about all the things you rely on your mouth for. It shouldn’t take much convincing to encourage anyone to keep it in tip-top condition.

So if you were wondering “how often should I go to the dentist,” it’s time to add a couple of dates to this year’s calendar.

Visiting a dentist twice yearly should be part of everyone’s health routine, but it’s only one part of maintaining your overall health. Here on our blog, you can find out more about doing that, spanning physical health, wellness, and much more, so browse our pages now!

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