Before you build a metal garage, you should know how much it'll cost. This informative guide covers the prices you can expect to pay.

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Build a Metal Garage?

Did you know that the steel market is estimated at 79.4 million metric tons in the year 2021? And the country accounts for 4.55 percent share in the global market? With steel being in such demand, shows more and more companies are using it to replace traditional building materials.

Before you build a metal garage, you should know how much it’ll cost. This informative guide covers the price you can expect to pay.

How Much Do Steel Garages Cost

Exactly how much will a steel garage set you back? Well, in short, you can buy kits that you can self-install at home, that are cheaper but in the long run, but might not be a sturdy as one that a company designs and build specifically for you as they do at

If you do opt to go the kit route, then you can easily pick a 12×20 steel garage for around 9 600 dollars or a larger 24×40 garage for  25 000 dollars. Add to that price an extra 10 percent for shipping and 20 percent if you want one with windows. At those prices, it’s worth looking for a local steel company that can build one to your specifications so that you won’t have to worry about shipping and the effort of installing one.

Do You Need a Building Permit to Build a Metal Garage?

The majority of people who want to add a garage to their property, don’t account for the cost and effort it will take to get the right permit for the structure. A permit is an added burden and expense but it is for your own good as the structure will be closely monitored to ensure it is up to code and won’t land up collapsing on you. 

Some companies can even go one further and take care of the process for you which is another added reason why you shouldn’t go for a self-installation.

Different Types of Steel Garages

There are many different types of steel garages available on the market today so you will be spoiled for choice when choosing a design. Every one of these designs has there own advantages and depending on your situation, it might be what you are looking for.

  • Attached- This type of garage is usually built while your house is built and incorporates the garage into the design of the house.
  • Detached- This is a garage that has been added later and is separate from your house, elsewhere on your property
  • Garage Workshop
  • Garage with Home- This is a home that is on top of a garage
  • Carports
  • Portable garages
  • Barns

A New Metal Home for Your Vehicle

Deciding to build a metal garage is a thought growing in popularity with new designs and applications added every day. In the future having one will not only be cost-effective but the only way to go. 

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