If you're new to the world of vodka, this article is for you. Read on to discover the complete guide to different types of vodka here.

How Many Kinds of Vodka Are There?

Are you looking for a tasty way to enhance your liquor cabinet’s offerings? Then learning about the best types of vodka should be your next move. With the right vodka, you’ll be able to craft delicious cocktails that you can enjoy after a long day of work.

Curious to know what you should keep stocked? Read on to learn about the many types of vodka!

Keep It Plain and Simple with Vodka

On a cold and wintery night, a glass of vodka can taste clean and refreshing. Vodka tends to be at least over 40% alcohol, so it’s strong on its own. In its purest form, its flavor profile is soft, neutral, and clean.

Many people do enjoy vodka in its unaltered state, but vodka often serves as the base for lots of great cocktails. For instance, a vodka tonic consists of vodka and tonic water, usually with a splash of citrus. A gimlet pairs plain vodka with a higher concentration of lime juice for a bright and light cocktail.

And for a great morning brunch drink, use vodka to create a bloody mary. Vodka can be used in lots of drink recipes where gin is used. Swap out your gin for vodka the next time you’re making a martini for a unique twist on the classic.

As another option, add some flavored liqueur to your favorite plain vodka to dilute the sweetness. Or mix a cosmopolitan with plain vodka for a sophisticated evening cocktail. The clean flavor of plain vodka is the ideal base mixer!

Try Fruity Types of Vodka for Bright Flavors

Some of the most popular types of alcohol today have been infused with fruit. Best of all, you can do this infusion process yourself. And nothing spices up date night like some fruity and sexy alcohol in your favorite cocktail glasses. 

Lemon adds a bright and tart quality to the natural essence of vodka. In some European countries, plums are one of the popular types of vodka infusers. Nearly any fruit can transform a bottle of vodka.

You can start with a plain bottle of vodka and add lemons, berries, or another type of fruit. Then you need to be patient. Give the fruit several weeks to do its job and enrich the flavor and color of your bottle.

Then the process is as simple as removing the fruit from the liquid and filtering out any pulp. You’ll be left with a flavorful take on the classic glass of vodka. It’s a great way to get more creative with your next gimlet!

A bottle of homemade fruit-flavored vodka makes an excellent and classy gift. And for centuries, even vodka purists have indulged in some of these fruitier flavors. You can’t go wrong with the best types of vodka!

Add Some Unique Flavorings to Your Next Glass

The flavor possibilities don’t stop at the fruit options, either. Throw some peppercorns or rosemary springs into a bottle you’re infusing. You’ll capture a medley of flavors that is spicy, wintery, and delicious.

If you don’t have time to take on the flavoring yourself, plenty of popular vodka brands offer different flavors. From bacon to marshmallows, you can find just about anything for the adventurous drinker. All you need is some plain vodka to get started. 

Vodka infused with chocolate notes would make the ideal ingredient for some adult hot cocoa. As an alternative route, a chocolatey or coffee-infused vodka could enhance your next white Russian.

Flavorings don’t have to get too crazy, though. Know that cucumber-infused vodka will taste great with some tonic water on a hot summer day. Similarly, you can squeeze of just about any citrus into a flavored vodka and trust that the results will be good. 

You’ll love the aromatic qualities of flavored vodkas, too. So don’t forget to let your other senses enjoy the experience. Be sure to savor the scent of your drink before starting drinking, or else you’ll miss out!

Find Different Types of Vodka in Different Regions

Different parts of the world turn to different ingredients to create their vodka. For instance, if you travel to eastern European countries, you’ll find that wheat and rye form the basis of the drink. In Italy, however, fermented grapes will take the stage.

And if you head outside of Europe, you might even find vodka made from molasses. Fortunately, there are different types of vodka to please every palette. And there is good vodka for every budget, too. 

Go with Grain in Your Vodka

For a pure and simple take on vodka, go with a grain-based variety. This type of vodka consists of rye and water that’s been distilled through numerous processes.

Be aware that this type of vodka is pretty potent, so it’s not among the most popular types of vodka. But if you’re curious and looking to build your vodka knowledge, give it a try. A good liquor store should be willing to order it for your to purchase.

Grain vodka benefits from a touch of citrus, bitters, or another flavoring. You don’t need a lot, but it is advisable to add something to take off the edge of the alcohol’s sharpness.

All Types of Vodka Are Good Choices

When it comes to types of vodka, choosing the right one will depend on your goals. If you want a versatile mixer for lots of cocktails then keep it simple. But you can also be adventurous and go with a flavored version. 

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