Your loved one needs specialized diabetic care and long term housing in California. Learn what to look for in a specialized care facility in this guide.

How Do I Find Specialized Long Term Diabetic Care in CA?

Studies show that about 34.2 million Americans have diabetes, which is approximately one in every ten people. While some cases are easily manageable with regular monitoring and medication, some are severe. Besides, the severity of the condition can increase with age and due to other health issues.

If your loved one has diabetes, they should access specialized medical care. This measure will help regulate the disease and associated conditions, preventing premature death. Finding a suitable California facility to provide long-term diabetic care can be tricky if you don’t know what to check.

Here, we provide the ultimate guide by explaining the factors to consider. We’ll also mention some of the aspects you should look at so you can narrow your options and ensure you settle for the most suitable choice.

Consider Special Health Care Needs

The health care needs of each diabetic patient differ depending on the type. They may also vary based on aspects like weight, physical activity, race, and blood pressure.

When looking for long-term care services in CA, it’s vital to consider the health of your loved one. You can do this by consulting a doctor on the specialized nursing services they may need. Once you get this information, start looking for a center to meet various unique requirements.

For example, check if they have equipment like ventilators and lab facilities for blood tests. An ideal center should also provide other essential diabetes management tools. These include:

  • Test strips
  • Insulin pump
  • Insulin
  • Blood sugar meters
  • Glucose tablets

Enrolling your loved one in a long-term diabetes care facility that has the right equipment safeguards their health. If an emergency occurs, they can get the needed services within the residence. Moreover, knowing that they receive subacute care and help with daily tasks will give you peace of mind.

Consider the Location

Diabetic care facility residents that receive frequent visitors are more likely to be happy than those who don’t. Besides, keeping in touch with their loved ones enhances mental health and promotes faster healing.

When looking for a suitable center to offer diabetic care, it’s advisable to prioritize the ones near family and friends.

This way, your loved one can receive visitors often and avoid feeling lonely or neglected. You can also observe the kind of care provided by the facility and monitor their health and wellbeing changes.

Another benefit of selecting a nearby center is that you can participate in care planning. Further, it’s easier to respond to medical emergencies and offer the needed emotional support.

Medicaid and Medi-Cal Certification

Most people shun nursing facilities due to the relatively high cost of services. While going for a cheaper center may reduce expenses, you will not receive the best care. Moreover, this decision may put the health of your loved one at risk, especially if there isn’t sufficient medical equipment.

The best way to ensure they get the best services without incurring a lot of money is by looking for a facility certified by Medicaid.

Despite the limited benefits the program offers, it will help you cater to costly care services. In particular, you can use the funds to cover up to 100 days of nursing care after a hospital stay of all least three days.

With Medicaid, it’s also easier to pay for procedures that need a lump sum amount. Such include surgery, or kidney disease, and stroke treatments.

Another aspect to check is whether the facilities you consider have Medi-Cal certification. Opting for one without can lead to eviction once the company depletes the insurance funds. On the other hand, certified centers will help your loved ones determine their eligibility for Medi-Cal.

If they qualify, they can use the allocated funds to pay for the subacute care cost during their stay, even after running out of Medicaid insurance.

Monitor Their Performance

The government inspects all nursing homes each year with the help of state health facilities. This measure is to assess the living conditions of the residents and the nature of services offered. Besides, it helps detect deadly bacteria and the presence of contagious diseases.

When looking for a facility to provide glucose management, it’s crucial to observe their performance over several years. Research to determine if there are any reports of a health crisis in the center. You can get this information from local newspapers and on health-related websites.

Ensuring your loved one lives in a facility with no history of adverse events is ideal for protecting their wellbeing. If the available options had such cases in the past, find out if they put in place regulation measures.

Visit the centers to check their hygiene condition and the level of care offered to patients. Moreover, determine how they help residents with specific health issues manage their condition. For instance, ask about the wound care practices used to prevent the spread of infection for patients with foot ulcers.

Ask for References

Identifying the best facility to offer long-term diabetic care may be hard when you have several ideal options. But, consulting other people who used such services in the past will help you reduce your choices.

Contact the nursing care centers you consider and ask them for a list of their previous clients. Then, call random selections to get more insights into the kind of services offered.

Some of the questions you can ask for more details are:

  • Is the care provided to your loved one satisfactory?
  • Did their health improve after residing in the facility?
  • Have you experienced any challenge paying for their services?
  • Are caregivers friendly with the residents?
  • Why did you opt to place your loved one in this particular facility?

Looking for more information about various diabetic care facilities in California allows you to determine if they offer quality services. You can also understand how they treat patients and if staff members are professional. Likewise, it’s easier to detect if you may have any issues dealing with the management.

Get the Best Diabetic Care

While California has numerous nursing homes, considering the discussed aspect will help you pick the best diabetic care program.

Additionally, you can determine the facility offering quality and reliable services within your budget.

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