Do you suffer from anxiety and fear every time you go to the dentist? Here's how you can avoid dental anxiety before heading to the dentist.

How Can I Avoid Dental Anxiety Before Heading to the Dentist’s?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re not the only one. Many people fear going to the dentist. For some, it could be caused by uncertainty. 

What makes visiting the dentist much more anxiety triggering than visiting the doctor? How can you stop your dental anxiety in its tracks?

Although you might want to run and hide from your dental visit, visiting the dentist on a regular basis is essential for good oral hygiene and overall health. Rather than running from it, it’s time to face it. Continue reading below for several tips on reducing dental anxiety. 

Understand Your Anxiety

Before you can begin to ease your anxiety, you must first know what’s causing it. There could be several reasons for your dental anxiety. Take a minute to stop and think about what some of your concerns are. 

Here are some examples of what might be causing your anxiety.

  • fear of the pain associated with dental treatments
  • fear of dental injections or fear it won’t work
  • loss of control
  • embarrassment or loss of personal space

These are just a few common causes of dental anxiety. Know where your anxiety stems from and then express these concerns to your dentist. Your dentist can then provide treatment with this information in mind.

Your dentist might then take extra time to explain what each dental tool is to you. Your dentist might explain all the myths associated with common dental treatments such as braces. More information on that can be found at

Your dentist might also recommend a specific treatment plan to help reduce your anxiety. It’s always best to let your dentist know so they can help you. 

Bring Something to Distract Yourself

It’s never a bad idea to bring something with you to help distract yourself. Lots of people enjoy bringing music and headphones along with them to help drown out the sounds of the dental tools and focus their minds on the music playing. 

Bring your music, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and mentally escape the dentist’s office. 

Ask to Bring Along a Friend

Going to the dentist alone could intensify your feelings of anxiety. When visiting the dentist, don’t hesitate to bring someone along with you. A friend or family member who can stand alongside you during your appointment will help ease some of your dental fears.

This person will act as your comfort tool to remind you that you’re okay. 

You Can Silence Your Dental Anxiety

As difficult as it might seem at times, it’s possible to silence your dental anxiety. Before your appointment, be sure to speak with your dentist about your concerns and a few things both of you can do to make the experience more comfortable for everyone.

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