Manufactured homes have come a long way, but what is a manufactured home? Learn what this type of housing is and the top benefits of purchasing one.

House Hunting? Why a Manufactured Home May Be Your Best Bet

Considering a move? It’s no secret that the housing market is hot right now. It’s a seller’s market, and that means that potential buyers are at a disadvantage.

Have you considered a manufactured home? 

Manufactured homes have a bad reputation, but for what reason? Manufactured home floor plans are often comparable to “real” homes, and the prices are usually far more affordable.

But what is a manufactured home anyway? Why should you consider it as a potential buyer? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Manufactured Home? 

Manufactured homes and mobile homes are often considered one and the same, but this isn’t quite true. While they are sometimes the same, they often have similar features, and you can still look into mobile home financing for manufactured homes regardless of their “mobility,” there are some differences.

These are homes that are pre-built in a factory. The ones that were built after June 15th, 1976 are all manufactured homes. Before that, they were mobile homes. 

Most manufactured homes aren’t mobile beyond their initial move. For all intents and purposes, they resemble “real” houses. 

Instead of buying a home the traditional way, you buy a plot of land (or reserve a plot in a manufactured community) and then place the home on top of it. 

Why Choose a Manufactured Home?

So why bother with a manufactured home anyway?

First, the price is right. Manufactured homes are nearly always far cheaper than traditional homes. The materials are cheaper, but that doesn’t make the homes unreliable.

With a manufactured home, you’re able to make decisions about what you want your home to be like. While they’re not completely customizable, you can often choose specific features.

While you can do this when you’re buying a custom home as well, it’s far more expensive and it takes far longer to complete.

While many people regard manufactured homes as unsafe or poor-quality, this isn’t true. They don’t have the history or materials of a traditional home, but they get quality checks and they’re reliable. 

Buying a Manufactured Home

Unless you’re buying a manufactured home that someone else had already lived in, it’s different than a normal buying process.

It’s more similar to buying a car. You can visit lots with examples of pre-built homes. There, you can look at the various colors, features, floorplans, and finishes that each company has to offer.

Once you decide, the factory gets to work on your home. They’ll then transport it to your community or plot of land. It’s surreal to see a home traveling this way. 

Is a Manufactured Home Right for You?

So what is a manufactured home? It’s a factory-built home that you can customize to suit your preferences. These homes are affordable, reliable, and easy.

Manufactured homes are great for first-time homeowners, retirees, or anyone else that wants a good home for a decent price. Why not look into one for yourself?

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