We take a look at home remodeling and renovation trends that have become popular across the country for this year and into the future.

Home Remodeling and Renovation Trends for 2021

Your home is your castle, but what happens when your beloved castle no longer meets your needs?

Whether you need a more modern look or a new addition to suit your growing family, one of the best ways to improve your house is with home remodeling. You can make both cosmetic and structural changes to your property that you’re sure to love!

However, which area of the home should you improve first? To help you make your decision, here are some of the newest trends in home remodeling for 2021 and beyond.

Home Offices

One of the newest trends in home remodeling is home office space. With more and more of us working from home, this isn’t surprising!

However, homeowners no longer want to work sitting at their kitchen table or at a cramped desk in their spare room—they want separate office space where they can work all day, free from distraction.

Whether it’s adding on a home addition or converting part of the basement, offices are one of the top home remodel ideas for 2021.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor spaces are increasing in popularity as well, especially outdoor entertaining and relaxing areas. Homeowners want their backyards to be an extension of their interior space, converting backyards into patios and functional spaces.

You could add a backyard fire pit, a swimming pool, or even an outdoor kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Home Projects

When it comes to renovation materials, the latest trend is to use eco-friendly materials. This is great for the planet, plus it feels great to know your home renovations aren’t harming the planet.

Utilize materials like bamboo, steel, or reclaimed wood to design your home in an environmentally friendly way.

Bright Colors

A fun interior design trend for 2021 is using bright colors. A fresh coat of paint is a cheap way to spruce up your home, so why not go for a feature wall in the living room or update the kitchen with a cheery yellow?

Dedicated Spaces Within the Home

2021 is also a time when many people want a dedicated area in the home for different activities, such as a home theater, a sewing room, or a larger kitchen pantry for home chefs.

These projects can be complex to do on your own though, so it’s a great idea to hire a remodeling contractor to assist.

Which of These Home Remodeling Trends Are You Eager to Try?

If 2021 is your year to tackle a big home remodeling project, we hope these ideas have given you some starting points. A remodel is an amazing way to make the most out of your home and also increase its value, so there’s no better time like the present!

Before getting started, be sure you have all of the required local permits and permissions, then you’re free to safely begin your amazing renovation!

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