Health and Wellness Tips to Prep for Winter

Health and Wellness Tips to Prep for Winter

How we look and how others perceive us can directly affect how we feel about ourselves and can decide what chances we get in life. Unfortunately, a lot of health and beauty tips in the past have come at the expense of the women trying them: but 2024 is the year we achieve beauty through health!

These are the top health and beauty tips to survive the winter months!

1. Exfoliating is Still Vital

Although exfoliating is something everyone should be doing at least once a week, many of us have fallen behind on this routine. Luckily we have more products at our fingertips to help us clear dead skin now more than ever before.

From the cute scrubby gloves that were first popularized in eastern Asia before going global- to the African scrub cloth that made a huge splash in 2022 because it’s more sanitary and thorough than a loofa, there are countless options out there.

Avoid any cleanser that comes with beads or particles in it that claims to exfoliate since these often get trapped in pores and can cause long-term issues.

2. Treat Your Hair With Love

Your hair is often one of the first things people notice about you. Regardless of cut, style, color, or length, it needs to be healthy. This winter, we all need to make a move toward better hair practices. 

The best way to help your hair stay healthier is to treat it well beyond how it’s handled with dyes or bleach. Wash it with tepid water, and make sure to condition it thoroughly every time you shampoo. If you have to wash with much warmer water or even hot water, make sure to follow up with a cold water rinse. Not only will this help your hair be healthier, but it will also give it a shinier and smoother appearance.

3. Moisturize While You Clean

Your skin needs moisture! This is most obvious in times like winter or when you live in a dry area of the country, but it’s a year-round issue. Unfortunately, most soaps we use can be extremely drying. Foaming soaps, which have been popular for the last ten years, are a major culprit of this, drying out skin despite cleansing it.

Go for a softer soap, like goat milk soap, which is kinder to your skin, better for the environment, and highly moisturizing. This will cleanse your hands or body while also leaving you moisturized and smelling nicer than the heavily processed foam soaps do.

4. Keep Sunscreen In Your Bag

Our skin is the largest sign of health and aging that we have, yet many people think makeup and lotion is enough to protect it and make it look good. In 2024, it’s vital to go above and beyond to protect your skin and make it look and feel as healthy as possible.

The sun is extremely damaging to skin. Although in moderation it can give us a healthy glow, and boost our vitamin C levels, it’s extremely easy to go overboard, which results in damaging and aging otherwise healthy skin.

To stop this in its tracks, it’s vital to keep sunscreen in your bag, your car, or anywhere else that you can keep it handy for immediate use. Anything above SPF 50 is overkill, so don’t worry about spending extra to get more strength. Apply according to the directions any time you’re about to go into sunlight, and reapply as necessary.

5. Beautify From the Inside Out

Every inch of the visible parts of your body is affected by what you put into it. This means it’s vital to pay attention to what you eat and drink. Getting plenty of fluids and vitamins can make a marked difference in how your skin, eyes, hair, and nails look and can lead to better mental health as well.

Taking your vitamins and eating a balanced diet can do a lot, but a recent trend has changed things! “Mobile IV Therapy has become a more direct way to make sure your body gets everything it needs! Although it can be a little spooky the first time you get it, the benefits make it worth it!” – Vanessa Cabrera, Phoenix Mobile IV Therapy.

6. Trampolines Burn More Than Running

Although running is often viewed as the best workout possible since it’s simple and almost anyone can do it: it’s rough on the joints and can make people dread getting into motion. On top of all of that: running is boring.

Thankfully, in 2024 there’s a workout revolution headed in! Trampolines burn more calories than running and are so much more fun! If you run or jog for ten minutes, you can burn around 71 calories: but if you rebound for ten minutes on a trampoline, you can burn 82 calories and have a lot more fun.

Personal indoor trampolines can be purchased for less than a couple hundred dollars and often offer safety features that will keep you safe. Stop running, and start jumping!

7. Take Care of Your Teeth

Many celebrities are turning towards getting veneers, and this has led to countless people who don’t have to be on camera all the time getting the same treatment. Unfortunately, this isn’t reversible and requires you to replace them or update them every ten to twenty years, or they’ll fall off.

The steps to get veneers are extremely damaging, filing down teeth and permanently restructuring your mouth: and that’s not necessary for most people. Instead, remember to stick to brushing your teeth twice a day and avoid rising after so the toothpaste can continue to do its job.

Everyone Deserves to Feel Gorgeous in Their Skin

Whether you’re 70 or 20, it’s common to feel uncomfortable in your own skin and worried about what other people think. This winter it’s time to stop and take care of yourself, showing the world you know what you want and who you are.

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