As we get older, we often don't want to leave the place we've lived for many years. Read on to learn some of the key benefits of aging in place.

Growing Older at Home: 3 Benefits of Aging in Place

A recent study has found that more than three-quarters of older adults (77%) want to continue living in their homes for the long term. It is natural for people to want to remain living in their community, where they feel safe, have a network of friends and family, and which feels like ‘home’ to them.

Growing older does come with its challenges, however, this should not necessarily mean having to say goodbye to one’s home. In this blog post, we will share 3 important benefits of aging in place. From familiarity and independence to affordability and quality of life, we will highlight why so many people are choosing independent living at home.

1. Familiarity and Comfort

Living in a place for decades brings with it familiarity and comfort. You feel like you know the community as though it were the back of your hand. This is a special feeling that makes leaving a place very difficult.

Moving to a new environment, especially at an older age, can be hard. Meeting new people, establishing new routines, and giving up precious belongings and memories are not things that people relish.

With at-home support, you can continue to live in the place that you are proud to call home.

2. Independence

Moving to a nursing home or a senior living community can feel to many elderly people like their independence has been taken away. Being able to maintain one’s dignity and independence is of central importance to us all.

Losing the ability to live in one’s own home can be damaging to a person’s emotional and mental health. Moving to a new environment may put a person on the back step and make them feel like they are dependent on others.

Moving may also impact a person’s ability to keep their beloved pet or pets. Not every facility will be welcoming of pets. The human-animal bond can reduce stress and provide real joy in life, particularly in older age.

3. Affordability

Most elderly people living in their own homes will have paid off their mortgages. This makes living in their own homes more affordable than moving to a nursing home or a senior living community, which can cost several thousands of dollars per month.

By comparison, at-home care is considerably more affordable. Click here to learn more about companionship errands and home health aides –

Undeniable Benefits of Aging in Place

Many people who have been self-reliant their entire lives and have built a life in their communities are understabdly reluctant to give this up. Aging at home is a wonderful way to spend one’s golden years. Through assisted living and home aide help, it is possible to continue living in your home for the long term.

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