Earnity and Bitnile: Closing $15 million Is Only the Beginning for Dan Schatt

Located in San Mateo, California, crypto investment startup Earnity is dedicated to further developing its online platform where users can earn, collect, research, and reward portfolios of digital assets and tokens as they please. Earnity founders Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa have shown their determination to give people more control of their hard-earned money through a trusted and user-friendly platform. In addition, users can learn more about crypto and earn exchange crypto assets while accessing the platform.

In 2021, Earnity teamed up with top Bitcoin mining firm BitNile, and in December, the partners closed $15 million in stocks. But this is only the beginning for Domenic Carosa, Dan Schatt, and the rest of the Earnity team. 

Over at BitNile, the firm’s executive vice president for alternative investments, Christopher Wu, is set to join the board of directors of Earnity. The two companies will form joint ventures to develop and promote other DeFi protocols and products and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Furthermore, BitNile’s publicly traded parent company, Ault Global Holdings, plans to split itself into two companies. The business side of Ault Global Holdings, Ault Alliance, will be given to its stockholders. At the same time, the Bitcoin mining half, BitNile, will forge onward with Bitcoin mining and data center operations and DeFi-centered goals.

Earnity will continue its present course in providing a much-needed platform and moving beyond monetization schemes that force digital creatives and influencers to create link bait and leverage temporary trends to earn a living. The company hopes to create a place where creators will have the tools and means of monetization that reward quality content and genuine learning. 

The future of cryptocurrency has never looked brighter, as users of the Earnity platform can expect a more accessible and highly secure avenue to go about their crypto and DeFi business. 

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