Should you hire a professional after a sewage backup? Take a look at the benefits of hiring a professional vs. doing it yourself.

Cleaning up the Mess After a Sewage Backup

What do your think is the greatest danger in a home with a sewage backup? If you think it’s about the risk of getting exposed to contaminants, viruses, and diseases, then think again. The greatest danger is the risk of getting electrocuted or an explosion. It is unsafe to enter a flooded home or lighting a match without first turning off the main power and gas supply. You can’t return to everyday life in your home without hiring sewage backup cleanup services to ensure the area is adequately cleaned. This simple act is best for the health of occupants living in the house.

Cleaning On Your Own

While sewage backup cleanup is ongoing, kids should not be allowed into the home. If it’s a small task and you decide to carry on with the job without professional help, here is what to do.

  • First, drain the sewage.
  • Keep affected surfaces clean by removing dirt and debris.
  • Use warm or hot water to clean all affected walls, floors, and surfaces.
  • Rinse the surfaces again with warm or hot water
  • Sanitize the surfaces using effective sanitizing agents or a homemade mixture
  • Ventilate the area

Clothing and Bedding

Furniture, carpets, and all kinds of items in contact with sewage should be discarded unless adequately cleaned and sanitized. If you can move the item, take them to the garden for thorough cleaning. Keep contaiminated items in a tight sealed container or bag till they are properly disposed of.

Clothing, bedding, and other salvageable items should be thoroughly cleaned. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly once done. Your hygiene should always be a priority. Do not touch your face, eyes, or mouth during sewage backup cleanup service.

Handling contaminated Food

Eating contaminated food can make you and your family very sick. Here is how to deal with contaminated food.

  • Get rid of contaminated food.
  • Thoroughly wash and clean all unopened canned goods
  • Food in the freezer can still retain freshness for up to 48 hours after a power outage. If the cleanup process takes longer, you will want to discard food from the freezer. If possible, find an alternative storage method during the cleanup process
  • Dispose of any food with an unusual color
  • Keep discarded food in a tightly sealed storage can.

Why Call an Expert?

Many people feel sewage backup cleanup services are expensive, hence they choose to do it themselves. Times are hard for everyone. But this is not enough reason to justify why you should clean it up yourself. Expert sewage backup cleanup services will help you prevent any future reoccurrence. Moreover, you are dealing with a highly toxic material that, if handled carelessly, can affect your health. Again, unprofessional cleaning will also result in the growth of mold in the future because it is likely that you might leave out hard to reach spots.

Suppose you think hiring sewage backup cleanup services are costly. In that case, you will know better when mold remediation professionals visit your home. So, why not avoid this future occurrence by taking the right step now. Hire a professional sewage backup cleanup company today.

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