Building A Sunroom Addition For Your Home

Building A Sunroom Addition For Your Home

You love your older home, but apparently, it was built during a time when windows were not in style. Yes, it’s pretty dark in there, and gloomy even on the brightest days! Sure, you could adjourn to the garden, but on days when it’s too hot, or too rainy, venturing outside becomes problematic at best. So, why not have the best of both worlds? Consider adding a sunroom addition to your home it is much more affordable than a complete home renovation. They go by a few different names, such as solarium and conservatory, so to avoid any confusion let’s define the concept: A sunroom is a glassed-in living space attached to a house and accessible from indoors. In other words, an indoor living area that feels like its part of the outdoors! Sounds pretty nice? We think so!

Sunrooms are the perfect addition to a home that is starved of sunlight. Typically they are more affordable than other conventional additions. The sunroom uses walls made of windows to maximise available light. Before you embark on a project like this or another major addition, it is important to invest in title insurance which will protect you from any changes in zoning laws and property codes that could challenge the legality of your structural changes among other things, such as misplaced boundaries. It’s well worth the peace of mind and confidence it brings to your project! Now, let’s take a look at some of the basic concepts:

Your Sunroom’s Structure- There are several popular options listed here, but remember you can always customize and mix and match them to suit your home’s unique needs.

  • A straight-eave sunroom employs a roof that is fully or partially tilted to one side away from the house.
  • A cathedral sunroom has a peaked glass roof surrounded by drywall giving more control over the amount of sun and heat coming through, providing an atmosphere that’s cooler on hot days.
  • A conservatory sunroom is constructed of all glass floor to ceiling and roof. A classic design, and while it is the most expensive, it is guaranteed to give you that outdoor feeling while still safely indoors! All the good stuff, plus it looks fantastic!
  • A greenhouse sunroom focuses on growing live plants. All sunrooms welcome the presence of houseplants, but the greenhouse type specifically adds a watering system and waterproof floors with drains, as well as maintaining temperature and humidity levels intended for the health of your plants. Don’t worry, there will still be comfy spaces for you to sit and enjoy the sunlight, too!

While you are at it and have all the equipment at hand, why not do more? Here are some more great home renovation project ideas to consider!

Alterations and additions to existing homes that include gas fitting, electrical work, and plumbing must meet the required codes and standards for health, safety, amenity, and sustainability.

We hope this inspires you to put in your own sunroom addition, it’s an investment that you will enjoy in all seasons for years to come!

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