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Best Fitness Apps: Stay Fit and Healthy

Everyone wants to live a long and happy life. This is much easier when we stay fit and healthy because we all know a healthy body helps to keep a healthy mind. This is much easier to do with a little nudge from time to time, and nothing is more motivational than results.  Today I will talk about some apps that will help you achieve your fitness goals or just inject some fresh ideas into your routine.

Whether you want to lose weight or track your fitness and activity, these apps will help keep you motivated and on track.

1. Sworkit

workit fitness app

There is no question why Sworkit is one of the highest-rated fitness and health apps on both the app store and google play.  With over 400 hundred workouts and customizable programs, this app has something for people of all fitness levels and goals. With no need for a gym membership or weights, there is no wonder they boast over 25 million users. You can try them for free or pay for the subscription service for personalized workout plans and access to trainers.

2.    Strava Training

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If you like to track and monitor your movements and workouts, then Strava may be for you. This app uses your phone’s GPS and sensors to track your speed, distance, routes and elevation changes. Their monthly challenges where you can compete with friends and others can be very motivating and a great way to push you that extra mile. Strava also pairs up nicely with most of your favorite smartwatches and fitness trackers.

3. Keep Yoga

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If Yoga is your preferred method of staying fit, then you need to look at Keep Yoga. They offer 400+ poses and over ten different sessions created by expert yogis. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. They have created sessions for everyone, from the beginner yogi just getting their start to other experts looking for some influences. They also offer professionally guided meditation to help you keep your mind as fit as your body.

4.     iTrackBites

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Dieting or keeping track of our caloric intake can play a huge role in meeting our fitness and health goals, and iTrackBites now makes this more accessible than ever. It is often compared to weight watchers minus the hefty monthly price tag. With this app, you can customize your weight loss plan to focus on 4 different key areas; limiting sugar, carbs, calories, or portion control. With a massive database of popular foods and restaurants and over 1 million scannable UPCs; iTrackBites has also made logging your meals more accessible than ever

With these great apps, you should find yourself on your way to meeting your fitness and health goals in no time.

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