If you're interested in attending beauty school, you might be thinking: how do I become a cosmetic technician? Find out more about it today.

Beauty School 101: How Do I Become a Cosmetic Technician?

The American beauty and cosmetic industry is worth a whopping $62.46 billion, with the average American spending about $197 on beauty products. Everyone wants to look their best, and it’s no wonder people spend so much on cosmetic products and procedures. 

However, sometimes using good old beauty and self-care products just doesn’t cut it. Some people take it up a notch and get cosmetic surgery or laser treatments. This has spurred the proliferation of cosmetic technicians all across the country.

Becoming a cosmetic technician requires a lot more than just going to beauty school. If you want to pursue a career as a cosmetic technician, you’ll have to follow the necessary steps to earn your stripes. However, once you do, you’ll be all set for a thriving future in the beauty industry.

In today’s post, we’ll be showing you how you can become a cosmetic technician in a few simple steps.

What Does a Cosmetic Technician Do?

 A cosmetic technician is a beauty professional who employs laser equipment to perform cosmetic procedures on clients. These procedures vary depending on the client and the laser technician in question. Some common procedures cosmetic technicians perform include:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Skin hair removal
  • Skin revitalization

However, it’s worth noting that not all cosmetic technicians use laser equipment for their procedures. Some perform specialized cosmetic practices like body sculpting, micro-needling, and the like.

Cosmetic technicians are respected figures in the cosmetic industry. The average cosmetic technician earns about $57,520, with top earners getting about $107,500 annually. 

How to Become a Cosmetic Technician

Becoming a cosmetic laser technician isn’t rocket science, but it’s not a walk in the park either. If you want to become one, here’s what you have to do.

Explore Your Career Options

It’s worth noting that cosmetic technicians cut across different niches. For instance, as a technician, you can choose to work in a beauty spa or a hospital, depending on your preference.

The first step to becoming a cosmetic technician is deciding what niche and where to work. You can choose to work in dermatologist clinics, doctors’ offices, or beauty spas. Base your choice on something that matches your passion and future plans.

Do Your Homework on State-Specific and Program Requirements

Different states have different requirements for cosmetic technicians. Once you pick a niche, the next step is to research these state-specific requirements. In most states, you’ll require certification from a training program or vocational school.

However, these schools also have strict eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. Do some research on the state-specific requirements and then on the schools’ eligibility criteria. Some schools might require applicants to be estheticians, nurses, or even dermatologists before enrolling in their cosmetic technician programs.

Of course, not all programs will have such stringent standards, but they’re still worth inquiring about. If you meet all the state-specific requirements, you can move to the next step.

Choose a Cosmetic Beauty School

Once you check all the boxes, it’s now time to pick a cosmetic laser school to equip you with the necessary skills. It’s crucial that you pick the right beauty school since it’s what equips you with the skills that form the backbone of your career.

Googling “laser schools near me” will expose you to tens of cosmetic laser schools at your disposal. Remember to settle for only the best cosmetic laser technician school you can find. Check out reviews and testimonials online before taking your pick.

Before picking a cosmetic laser school, make sure it has proper accreditation and certification from the relevant authorities. Institutions with no accreditation or proper certificates are a waste of time.

Finish an Accredited Training Program

Once you find an accredited beauty school, enroll in their cosmetic laser beauty training program. There, you can learn hands-on applications of cosmetic lasers and learn tons about the field. 

Depending on the area you choose, you’ll learn about different topics. Some topics may be more medical-oriented if you choose to work in the medical field, while others may focus more on aesthetics if you choose that path.

Some topics cut across the board, like the basics of laser technology, maintaining laser equipment, and patient care techniques. The training programs will center on hands-on procedures where students will visit actual clinics to learn and practice laser procedures.

Get Field Experience

After a few months of training, you’ll finish your cosmetic technician training program. The next step is to gain relevant experience in your particular niche. Most accredited programs will offer you clinical experience to refine your skills in real-world settings.

Some great ways to gain relevant field experience include internships and working as a job shadow. You can think of the latter as more of an apprenticeship where you observe an experienced professional and learn the relevant skills. Anything goes as long as you gain the experience you need to become a cosmetic laser technician.

Get Your Certification

After you’ve gained enough experience, it’s now time to get your certification. The National Council on Laser Certification, or NCLC, is the body responsible for awarding certificates to qualified laser technicians.  

Before certification, you’ll need to meet minimum clinical experience requirements and also have to take a certification exam. Some training programs let you take the exam before completing the program. That way, you’ll be eligible for certification once you finish the program.

Become a Cosmetic Technician Today

Pursuing a career in beauty is a noble and propitious endeavor. With the information above, you’re all set to become the newest cosmetic technician in town. Just don’t forget to pick the best beauty school to put you on the right track to becoming a cosmetic technician.

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