If you own a firearm, it's vital you have a good understanding of gun safety rules. Here are the steps you need to follow to keep yourself and other safe.

Basic Gun Safety Rules Everyone Should Know

Do you want to exercise your second amendment rights properly?

Knowing basic gun safety can be the difference between life and death. Studies show that about 45,000 people die due to guns each year. Some of these deaths could have gotten prevented with proper gun safety.

While you have the right to own a firearm, it is also your responsibility to know how and when to use it. If you own a firearm, you must have a good understanding of gun safety rules. Here are some gun laws you need to follow as a gun owner.

1. Always Assume and Treat a Gun as Loaded

When handling any gun, you should always treat it as if it’s loaded.

When storing your gun, always ensure it is out of reach of children or untrained members of your house. Do your best to make that its place of storage is childproof. A combination safe is an ideal place to store a gun.

It is also advisable to store your gun empty. After all, you never know who may have access to it, even by accident. Never leave any ammunition or cartridges in your gun if you do not plan to use it.

When in doubt, assume a gun has ammunition and follow strict safety protocols. Always check if a firearm has ammunition the moment you touch it.

2. Keep Your Hands Off the Trigger

Always keep your hands off the trigger when you are holding a gun. Keeping your hands on the trigger, even with no intention to fire, may lead to an accidental shooting.

Not using high-quality ammunition can also increase your chances of accidents and misfiring. There’s a lot of ammunition for sale on the market, but always buy one appropriate for your gun.

3. Never Aim at Anything You Don’t Want to Shoot

A major gun ownership safety rule is never to point your gun at people. Instead, it’s best to point at the floor or anywhere that has no people in direct line of shooting.

If you are not using a gun, put it down while pointing it in the safest direction. The golden rule when it comes to responsible gun ownership and gun safety is never to point a gun at people.

4. Be Mindful and Alert

If you are planning to shoot something, be mindful and alert. Be prepared to adjust in case something moves into your target and might get shot at.

Before shooting, always check if something is near or behind what you’re planning to shoot. Gunshots can penetrate most targets, so you must always be mindful of what is behind your target.

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Being a responsible gun owner means more than knowing how to shoot a gun. Understanding these basic gun safety rules will help you avoid unwanted accidents and injuries. Share this guide with your friends to keep yourself and others safe.

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