Action Camera Flashlight

Action Camera Flashlight: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you an adventure freak or a photography lover who can’t compromise with darkness? Do you often go camping, fishing, hill climbing, caving, or other such adventurous activities? If yes, then an action camera flashlight is just what you need.

Action camera flashlights are compact and portable devices that can be used to illuminate dark places. They help you record videos and take photos during the night or in low light conditions. These flashlights have Cree LEDs and other special features that make them ideal for outdoor activities. Read on to know more about action camera flashlights and their usage. 

What Is An Action Camera Flashlight? 

An action camera flashlight is a potent LED light that you may use with your action camera. It can frequently be mounted on an action camera or utilized as a standalone device light.

Action cameras are different from DSLRs and compact cameras. DSLRs perform poorer in dim and far-off scenes and are less effective in dim light. 

However, a flashlight from an action camera can accomplish this. When fitted to an action camera, a flashlight may flawlessly catch nighttime sights inaccessible to other cameras due to poor lighting. In a similar mood, using a flashlight makes it much simpler to capture or film underwater subjects as well as distant objects or scenes.

To help you out, we have put together the top 6 action camera spotlights available in this article. 

How To Choose An Action Camera Flashlight


You should ensure that the action camera flashlight you want to purchase is compatible with your action camera before placing an order. There are many flashlights available on the market that works with both action and DSLR cameras.

Pay close attention to a camera’s specifications to prevent disappointment when using it. To prevent your photographs from being overexposed, we advise decreasing the light beam. It will guarantee that you have ideal illumination for shooting.

Choose A Flashlight With A Long Battery Life

Another crucial factor you should think about before making a purchase is battery capacity. On the market, there are flashlights with both long and short battery life. 

A model with a limited battery life will do if you don’t need to record video for a long period. However, investing in longer-lasting lighting is preferable when used underwater.

There are flashlights available with interchangeable batteries in addition to rechargeable variants.

For the latter, new batteries could be pricey to purchase. A rechargeable battery-driven model will be a superior option unless you have a limited budget because it allows you to charge batteries quickly and efficiently. Anyone who needs to shoot for a long period will find this flashlight useful.

Consider The Size And Weight

Consider whether you require a compact or large flashlight before choosing a model. It might be awkward to utilize a large flashlight if you have to attach the action camera to your head.

If you use an action camera on a gimbal, you should also take its size into account. Even though carrying a flashlight might be useful in certain circumstances, using a large, heavy model for an extended time could be uncomfortable. 

An action camera flashlight that is compact enough to fit in a bag or suitcase will be useful for frequent travelers.

Consider The Brightness Values

Consider both the lumen count and color temperature.

You can’t record high-quality video without being concerned about the lighting. A high-lumen flashlight will help you capture every detail if you frequently need to photograph at night or in dimly lit areas, whether you prefer to work underwater or in gloomy woodlands.

The size of your flashlight is another factor to think about because it directly affects the brightness. Action cam flashlights are frequently small and portable. A light beam area can thus be insufficient for your requirements. Look for models with a larger beam area to make sure that you will be able to adequately light your topic.

Check For Waterproofness 

A flashlight with a waterproof body is essential if you’re using it underwater. You can choose models with various waterproof ratings based on your needs. 

Pay Close Attention To Robustness

If you plan to shoot outside, be sure to take the model’s durability into account before you buy it. An impact-resistant, strong body is a feature of long-lasting flashlights. For individuals who travel frequently, a lightweight model will be the best choice.

6 Best Action Camera Flashlights

Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light

The Suptig flasher is the most popular flashlight on the market. This flashlight is well-liked among users because of its distinctive built-in features and compatibility with various cameras.

This flashlight is ideal if you’re seeking one for underwater use. According to tests, the Suptig flashlight is waterproof up to 45 m (147 ft.) underwater.

Here are some of its ideal features:

This flasher is compatible with all GoPro action cameras. And, the light is compatible with all DSLR, mirrorless cameras, cellphones, and other action camera brands.

A 5200 mAh lithium battery provides long-lasting power. Further, it provides a running time of: 

  • High light (1.5 hours),
  • Low light (4 hours),
  • SOS (6 hours). 

You can recharge the light via a micro-USB cable. The battery can be removed for replacement (Compatible with GoPro hero 3/3 + batteries). 

This flasher comes in handy with a range of colored lights. It consists of White light, red light, blue light, pink light, and Golden light. Additionally, this light allows you to adjust the brightness of each color on this action camera flashlight to a range between 1% and 100%. Therefore, you may change the brightness of the various colors as per your requirement.

ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light

ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED video light is one of the smallest, lightest, and most portable action camera flashlights on the market. It’s specifically designed to satisfy our requirements for minimal size but with a powerful output. So, this one is the most ideal one for vloggers. 

Notably, this amazing action camera flashlight reproduces the beauty of natural sunlight with the help of its embedded 5500K color temperature. Due to its versatility, it is the finest action camera flashlight for both video and close-up photos. Here, the color temperature is modifiable, so you can adjust it to your preferences.

The built-in universal hot shoe mount helps to work with many action cameras. And, it’s compatible with many DSLR cameras, such as the Canon and Sony DSLRs.  

GoPro Zeus Mini Chargeable Light

Knowing that this is an official GoPro flashlight, you can easily trust the quality. Although this light has four brightness settings, it produces a maximum brightness of 200 lumens. 

The Zeus Mini is made for practical outings and is waterproof up to 33 ft. (10 m). So, getting underwater images and videos is easy with the aid of this amazing action camera flashlight.

With the help of its integrated rechargeable battery, it can last up to 6 hours. Still, depending on the use and other outside variables, battery life can vary.

The brightness output of the GoPro Zeus tiny light ranges from 20 to 200. There are 4 different brightness levels:

  • 20 lumens for level 1 
  • 60 lumens for level 2
  • 200 lumens for level 4 
  • 125 lumens for level 3

Some other notable features include,

  • When the overdrive option is activated, there is a flash of incredibly dazzling light that can last up to 30 seconds.
  • A signaling strobe mode.
  • A 360-degree swivel offers quick and easy angle adjustment for exact illumination. 
  • The Grip Clip, which can be fastened to a hat, helmet, back strap, or other items, provides hands-free illumination for any activity or sport. 

Nitecore GP3 Action Camera Light

The Nitecore GP3 is a small-sized flashlight that is compatible with action cameras from brands like GoPro, Sony, and others.

It comes with handy 5 output settings whereas it can produce from the lowest of 1 to a maximum of 360 lumens according to your preference. For a softer output, it incorporates a built-in sliding diffuser. When not using the diffuser, it can project a beam up to 344 feet.

It’s sophisticated with the ultimate GoPro mount which helps to screw the light securely. Further, the light can be mounted to a variety of filming equipment, such as helmets and tripods.

Along with its 1180 mAh batteries, it can last for 100 minutes on a full charge. Plus, it’s compatible with GoPro AHDBT-302 Battery.

LitraTorch 2.0 Flashlight

The LitraTorch is the market’s most versatile outdoor picture and video flashlight. The Torch is 1.5″x1.5″ in size.

This one generates roughly an illumination of 35 minutes of run time at its maximum output and 4 hours at its lowest and has a set of 16 dimmable LED lights. Additionally, it comes up with a fixed 5700k daylight temperature and the Torch allows an adjustable brightness with 800, 450, and 100 Lumens and stroboscope (blinking light) mode.

The light is waterproof with 60ft in depth (50m) and drop proof. In addition, it’s integrated with a Flexible mount with two 1/4-20 standard camera mounts, an embedded magnet, a GoPro mount, and a belt clip.

This includes a built-in USB rechargeable battery. And, the light can still function while it is charging. The battery offers approximately 

  • 7 hours on strobe, 
  • level 1 for 4 hours, 
  • level 2 for 70 minutes, 
  • level 3 for 35 minutes.

Additionally, the new optics system projects light more effectively, which has increased battery life by 10%. 

Action Camera Flashlight

VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+ LED Video Light

The VILTROX VL-162T is a powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use camera flashlight. Thanks to its 162 brilliant LEDs, the VL-162T provides accurate color temperature, a long bulb life, and low energy consumption.

You can adjust the brightness and color temperature of this flashlight to meet your demands. It may provide a mellow glow as well as a bright light impact.

The VILTROX VL-162T can be powered by a battery or an AC adaptor. To suit your demands, you can adjust the light’s angular position. It is easy to use, mountable, and portable. 

In terms of compatibility, the VILTROX VL-162T is compatible with DSLR cameras. The maximum brightness for the 162 premium LED bulbs is 1250 Lux (1070LM). 

The VL-162T has a color temperature range of 3300K to 5600K. It also has a brightness adjustment of 20% to 100%. 

It has four color filters for artistic color effects. The CR1 95+ streamlines picture grading and provides increased color resolution. It can be used with either the supplied AC adaptor or a different, extra AC adapter. 

After a full charge, the battery lasts for up to 3 hours, depending on the brightness level. You can operate more productively with it thanks to the built-in LCD.

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The manner that people used to make original videos in the past has been significantly altered by action cameras. The action camera flashlights have also given these cameras a lot more capability.

We hope the list above will help you decide if you’re currently planning to buy one. 

What else are you waiting for?

Get your favorite action camera lights right away to get those best shots!

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