Managing an Airbnb rental may seem stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Learn more about what to do by checking out this guide.

A Helpful Guide to Managing an Airbnb Rental

Did you know that Airbnb properties host more than 500 million guests each year worldwide? Managing an Airbnb might seem like a big task, but it’s an amazing way to make some side income or pay down the mortgage on a home that you’ve purchased. You don’t need to have a wealth of experience in managing properties in order to start your own Airbnb property.

Real estate investments are one of the proven ways to grow your wealth and hedge your money against inflation. Setting up a network of rental properties in desirable areas will set you up to reach the tens of millions of people using Airbnb.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn some helpful Airbnb tips for managing your property. Keep reading to learn more today!

Get Quality Photos

You need to remember the importance of quality photos when you make the decision to start managing an Airbnb property. Try to get at least ten great photographs of your Airbnb property prior to listing it on the app. Getting photographs that capture the essence and overall character of your property will help you get a lot of traction and bookies from people using Airbnb.

If you’re not great with a camera then it could be a wise move to hire a professional photographer or a friend with a strong background in photography. The time and money investment will pay for itself thanks to the bookings that you’ll get due to your photographs.

Create Strong First Impressions

You can’t redo a first impression, and Airbnb guests hope to work with an Airbnb host that is attentive, kind, and polite towards them. If you’re new to managing an Airbnb then it’s a good idea to imagine being the guest and the way that you’d want to be treated. 

The best property managers are responsive to questions and queries from their guests, which is a great way to build a strong bond and rapport with their guests. These guests are likely to leave glowing reviews about their experience staying at your rental properties.

Individualize the Experience

Your guests will also want to know more about the things to do in the area of your rental properties. Part of managing an Airbnb property is finding ways to individualize the experience for your guests. The features of your property will also help you make your Airbnb property stand out from the pack.

Taking these steps will help you make your property stand out to people because it makes planning activities during their trip much easier. These guests want to have an idea of how much fun it will be when they stay at your property. Look into using examples of AirBNB digital guidebooks as a way to give all of your guests the information that they need for their time at your property.

Determine Your Pricing

Arguably the most important part of learning how to manage an Airbnb property is setting pricing for your rental properties. It’s important that you’re making a tidy profit from your rental Airbnb properties, but you don’t want to set the nightly rates so high that it scares away potential guests.

The big reason that many people have turned to using Airbnb to find lodging is that it’s often cheaper than getting a hotel room. Start by determining what hotels in your area are charging per night before you list your property on Airbnb. You can also use the app to see the Airbnb properties in your area.

Take some time to browse these listings to see the different amenities that they offer and the prices that they’re charging. You can use that information to set a competitive rate for your real estate investments. You can use these Airbnb tips even more once you get some favorable reviews from previous guests.

Respond to Your Guests

When you’re managing an Airbnb, you need to remember that your guests are trying to enjoy their stay at your property and that they might not be familiar with the eccentricities of the home. You need to be responsive when they reach out to you with questions or concerns during their stay.

If you’re worried about messages that you might not see, then you should look into setting up automated responses. These responses will let your guests know that you’ve received their message and that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. Guests will appreciate your punctuality in helping them enjoy their stay.

Install a Lock Box

If you’re planning on managing an Airbnb that isn’t close to where you live then you need to invest in a lock box for the house’s keys. It’s a great way to add some flexibility to your life when managing rental properties. If your guests don’t arrive until late, you can give them the code to the lock box or the door’s electric lock.

Hire a Cleaning Service

The largest amount of physical work in managing an Airbnb comes down to cleaning the property after guests check out. If you don’t mind cleaning and handling laundry then doing the cleaning yourself is a great way to cut costs and maximize your returns from your real estate investments.

Your other option is to find a reputable cleaning service in your area and hire them to clean the rental property after your guests head out. You can then charge your guests a cleaning service fee in the total price for their stay. It’s a great option for property managers that don’t have the time to handle cleaning the home themselves.

Now You’re Ready to Start Managing an Airbnb Property

There are a lot of things that go into managing an Airbnb, and taking the right steps will make it an easy decision to book your rental properties for those using Airbnb. Get the best pictures of your property to show off the amenities and the charm of the home. You should also get a lock box for easy check-ins and do your best to respond to your guests in a timely manner.

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