Are you looking to spice things up by bringing some toys to bed? Get inspired with this guide to the best male sex toys.

A Fiery Guide to the Best Male Sex Toys

There’s an odd misconception that sex toys are only made for women. However, the fact of the matter is, there are plenty of amazing male sex toys out there that can really light your fire. 

If you’re looking for some fun, unique men’s sex toys, this guide is for you. We’re here to break down a few of the best male sex toys for having a fun solo or with a partner!

Cock Rings

One of the best sex toys for men is the cock ring. Just as you might imagine, these devices are small rings that slip onto your penis.

Once in place, you can start the fun by pressing a small switch that sends vibrations down your shaft. You can also enjoy couples rings for use with your special someone in bed!

Prostate Massagers

Another one of the many types of sex toys that men enjoy is the prostate massager. Prostate massagers stimulate your prostate gland and gett you in the mood for more fun. 

The best part about these men’s sex toys is that you can use them on your own without having to get a partner to give you a massage. That makes them the perfect toy to have on hand when you want to fly solo for a bit.

Masturbation Sleeves

A simple sex toy for men is a masturbation sleeve. These are great toys to use for playtime when your partner is away or when you’re single!

Masturbation sleeves are tubes that are filled with soft ridges and stimulating material. When you insert your penis, they begin to vibrate, sending all sorts of yummy sensations up and down your shaft. 

Chastity Belts

Anyone who loves playtime with a dominatrix will want to hit up their local male chastity store for some fun belts. These belts are the perfect way for you to play submissive in the bedroom when with your partner!

When you don your chastity belt, your penis is prevented from penetrating your partner. This gives your dom a chance to tease you and really get you ready for the fun to start. 

Vibrating Massagers

Last but not least are vibrating massagers. These massagers are perfect for stroking your penis so that you feel the best sensation. 

With a massager, you can direct the vibrations wherever feels best for you. Because these toys offer the most control, they’re often a go-to for men wanting to have some fun in the bedroom.

Have Fun With the Best Male Sex Toys

With this helpful introduction to the best male sex toys on the market, you’re ready for a night of fun. You can choose any number of these men’s sex toys and start enjoying yourself, alone or with your special someone. 

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