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A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic care is one of the most highly recommended forms of alternative medicine. It focuses on the maintenance of health through the manipulation of the spine, and it can help heal many ailments.

If you suffer from back pain or you want to maintain your current spinal health, chiropractic procedures might be the right choice for you.

That being said, many people are unfamiliar with what chiropractic treatment is, let alone its numerous benefits.

So, how is chiropractic care different from traditional healthcare? Today, we’re going to answer that question with a complete guide to the different types of chiropractic treatments!

Spinal Manipulation

This is a gentle procedure that involves using the hands to apply pressure to the spine. This pressure can help to relieve pain by aligning the spine and improving blood flow.

The Diversified Technique

This technique is based on the premise that the body has the ability to heal itself.

This technique involves the use of a high-speed, low-amplitude thrust to force the joints of the spine into proper alignment. This technique is often used to treat herniated discs, neck pain, and headaches.

Flexion Distraction

Chiropractic care is often used to treat herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica.

This treatment involves the use of a special table that gently traction the spine. This helps to decompress the discs and nerves in the spine and can provide relief from back pain.

The Gonstead Adjustment

This is a specific manipulative technique is used to treat lower back pain. This technique is named after Dr. Clarence Gonstead, who developed the approach in the 1950s.

Gonstead’s adjustment involves a thorough examination of the spine and pelvis using x-rays. Once the specific area of misalignment is identified, the chiropractor will apply a gentle, precise force to the area to realign the bones.

Thompson Drop-Table Technique

Chiropractic treatments involve a special table that is dropped down rapidly. This allows the chiropractor to make precise adjustments to the spine.

This technique is a treatment for many different types of musculoskeletal disorders. If you are suffering from any type of musculoskeletal disorder, it is important to consult with the best chiropractor in your area.

The Diversified Technique

This is a common adjustment technique that treats misalignments in the spine and other joints. This technique uses a quick, precise thrust to restore normal alignment and function to the joint.

Spinal Decompression

The treatment involves lying on a table while a machine slowly and gently pulls and stretches the spine to relieve pressure on the discs and nerves. The treatment is usually done for 20-30 minutes, once or twice a day. This can be a very effective treatment for back problems.

The Most Common Chiropractic Treatments For Your Health

These adjustments can provide relief from pain, improve range of motion, and help the body heal. If you are considering chiropractic treatments. Be sure to discuss all of your options with your healthcare provider.

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