Are you looking to give your relationship a little boost in the bedroom? Here are 7 quick tips on how to spice up your sex life.

7 Quick Tips On How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Did you know that lack of quality sex could be why you and your partner are drifting apart? Moreover, sexual frustration leads to agitation and irritation. And this could be the cause of deterioration in your relationship.

The truth is that most couples struggle to keep the spark alive in their relationships. However, this should not always be the case. With an open mind, there are many activities you and your partner can engage in to spice up your sex life.

Some of these things may sound unconventional, but they are truly magical. So, are you stuck in a sexual rut? Here are some tips to help you get out of it.

1. Try Some New Positions

Sometimes, all that a relationship need is a bit of sexual adventure. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new positions during sex can help unlock your sexual energy.

If you always have sex in bed, try doing it while standing up. Research and identify some positions you would like to explore. The chances are that you and your significant other will experience a different type of thrill.

Moreover, this will make you look forward to spending more quality time in the bedroom.

2. Be Brave Enough to Explore your Fantasies

Most people have sexual fantasies, but the problem is that they are afraid to share them with their partner. More so, you don’t know how they will receive your ideas.

Relationships are about compromise, and so is good sex life. For instance, if you’d like your partner to wear a blindfold, let her know.

Role-playing is another excellent idea. For example, you could assume that you are an employee, and she is your boss. Such an office vibe will take you and your partner out of the norm. It will also give you more to work with at different times of your relationship.

Furthermore, there are many role play ideas that you can incorporate into your sex life.

3. Use Sex Toys

Some of the best relationship tips for a couple’s sex life revolve around sex toys. For most lovers, this is unexplored territory. Nevertheless, with the right approach, toys can help you and your lover reach new heights during sex.

The best part is that there are a lot of sex toys available. These range from vibrators to fleshlights. When choosing a sex toy, go for high-quality materials.

Visit to learn why touring the adult shop with your lover is a brilliant idea. It will introduce you to a new world of bliss. 

More reserved couples can visit a sex shop virtually from the comfort of their homes. With this approach, you will have all the time to explore sex toys.

It helps to have an open mind when selecting a sex toy. It should start as an experiment. After trying out several toys, you will know what works best. 

4. Try Different Locations

Over time, having sex in the bedroom can become monotonous. And if you no longer enjoy it as much, switching up the location will add to the thrill. Initiate sex in the living room, especially on the couch, and you will love it.

Other adventurous places to have sex include the kitchen table. If you have a home office, don’t hesitate to invite your partner there and make love to her. At times, take a shower together and enjoy some intimate time while at it.

Sex in a hotel room could also be steamy. Furthermore, it is sometimes limiting at home when you have people around. Book a room and call your significant other to spend quality time together.

While a staycation can help increase intimacy, ensure that the hotel or apartment you choose is tidy and cozy.

5. Do the Opposite of What You are Used to Doing

Most couples have a sex routine. But switching it up can add to the excitement. For instance, leave some clothes if you usually get stark naked during sex.

You can leave heels on for the ladies or even a short skirt. And this will make spice up the experience.

 You can unzip your pants and leave everything else intact if you are a man. Whichever way you choose to do it, ensure it is comfortable. Otherwise, any discomfort will ruin the moment for you and your partner.

6. Send Provocative Messages

 When experts say that sex starts with the mind, they are correct. If you want to prove it, try sending provocative messages to your significant other. It is one of the best strategies to set the mood right for a mind-blowing encounter.

Sometimes, typing whatever naughty message comes to your mind will do the trick. But other times, it could fail miserably.

If you want the message to work, timing is of the essence. First off, read the mood of your partner. If you are both in a good place, get creative.

The text you curate should leave your significant other curious. The internet has immense resources on how to write seductive messages. Doing a quick search will provide some brilliant ideas.

7. Invest in a Full-Length Mirror Set Up

Your bedroom space could be the reason why your sex life is dull. Revamping it may make things more interesting. You can start with installing a mirror for more visual appeal.

You don’t want something suspicious in your bedroom unless you have agreed to go all out. In most cases, an inexpensive closet mirror will do. When making love, look in the direction of the mirror, and your lover will do the same.

The visual sex stimuli will make the encounter more rousing.

Spice Up Your Sex Life Today

There is no reason why you and your partner should get caught up in dull sex life. With these tips, you can have great sex as you did at the beginning of your relationship. Pick an idea that you both love, and be bold enough to spice up your sex life.

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