Are you wondering how to know you've hired a reliable home inspector? Click here for seven questions to ask when hiring a home inspector.

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Inspector

Are you about to hire a home inspector?

The goal of hiring a home inspector is to ensure you know everything wrong with the house you’re purchasing before you sign on the dotted line. That way, you can negotiate a price that meets your needs but the sellers’. After all, you don’t want to have to spend extra money fixing something you should have known was busted when you bought the house.

But how do you find the right house inspector?

Check out this short guide to learn the questions to ask when you’re hiring a home inspector.

1. What Are Your Qualifications and Experience?

You will want to ask the home inspector for their qualifications and experience. You want to ensure they have the proper qualifications to do the job.

You also want to ensure they have experience in the type of home you are buying. Read this article to find out what else to look for in an inspector.

2. What Is in Your Home Inspection Report?

You want to ensure that the home inspector includes all of the essential aspects of the home in their inspection. Some home inspectors may try to cut corners and not include certain elements in their inspection report. It could end up costing you money in the long run if you are not aware of what is in the report.

3. What Is Your Report Turnaround Time?

Most home inspectors will report to you within 24-48 hours, but some may take longer. Be sure to ask your home inspector their report turnaround time so you can plan accordingly. You don’t want to be left in the dark about the condition of your home, so knowing when you can expect your home inspection report is crucial.

4. How Much Do You Charge?

The average cost of a home inspection is between $300 and $500. But, the price of a home inspection depends on the size and age of the home and the number of inspections needed. The house’s location and the home inspector’s experience are also important factors.

5. What Is Your Schedule Like?

You need to make sure that they’re available when you are and that they’re able to do a thorough job. Inquire about how many other inspections they have scheduled and how long they expect each inspection to take. Also, ask if they’re available to do a follow-up inspection if needed.

6. How Long Will the Inspection Take?

It is important to know so you can schedule your day accordingly. The average residential inspection takes two to three hours. However, it could take longer if the home is large or has many issues.

7. What Is the Scope of Your Professional Inspection?

Many professional inspectors offer different levels of inspection, so you want to be sure you are getting the services you need. Some home inspectors will only inspect the home’s exterior, while others will also inspect the interior. Be sure to ask about the level of inspection you need and what’s included in their services to make an informed decision.

Hiring a Home Inspector

A home inspection is an essential part of the home buying process. An excellent professional inspector will help you identify potential problems. They give you peace of mind that the home you are buying is in good condition.

This article has outlined several questions you should ask when hiring a home inspector. By asking these questions, you can be sure you are hiring a qualified and professional home inspector.

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