7 Must-Know Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids

7 Must-Know Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids

Teaching children good habits while they are at a tender age will help them in the long run. It allows them to pick up on these habits that they will bring with them when they grow older. Most especially when it comes to hygiene.

Oral hygiene is one of the important areas to tackle. Although teaching children may seem tricky, it is an important thing to do. Today, we will look at some oral hygiene tips that you can teach your children, along with some pointers that you can apply in teaching them.

1. Use a Special Brush For Infants

You can start their oral hygiene at an early age. The earliest is during their infancy. Although for the first stage, you don’t need to use a brush just yet.

The brushing and the oral care would require a different set of instructions. You start with a moistened washcloth and gently wipe the gums at least twice a day. Do this after feeding and before bedtime.

2. A Special Toothpaste Might Help

Children tend to be rather picky with taste. To make them enjoy the act of brushing, you could do something with the taste by letting them try something fruity. There are special kinds of toothpaste that you can use, which come in different flavors but provide the same protection and freshness.

3. Brush and Floss Together

This is where leading by example comes to play. Children learn by copying what they see, especially younger children. By brushing and flossing with the kids, you allow them to learn by imitating you.

Show them how to brush their teeth and tongue. Once you finish that, floss them if they are too young to do it. If they are old enough, help them floss.

4. Time the Brushing

Teach the children to brush for two minutes, twice a day. You can make this particular exercise fun by using a sand timer.

You can even make a game out of it or a challenge that they can beat. When brushing together, set the timer to ensure they brush for the duration. Make sure that they can also see the timer while brushing.

5. Offer a Reward For It

Positive reinforcement helps in teaching children. With the methods that you used in teaching them caring for their dental health, consider offering them a reward if they keep up. This should also encourage them to be on their best behavior to qualify for that prize.

6. Teach With Books and Videos

You can reinforce teaching through videos or books. Be creative and fun by teaching them about dental health and how to care for it. You can also push this towards other ways like songs and rhymes.

7. Go Visit a Family-Friendly Dentist

Visiting a dentist may feel traumatic for the child. Come with them and make sure that you go for a child-friendly dentist with a welcoming staff capable of working with children. This can help ease the child’s worries.

Keep this in mind when you visit general dentistry for a check-up. It will help the children in future visits.

Use These Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids

With these oral hygiene tips, you can teach kids to care for their dental health. Making it a fun experience can also help them start healthy habits.

Why stop here?

These tips are only the beginning of your child’s oral health journey. For more oral health tips, check out our other blog posts. Set your family up for a healthy and long life today!

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