6 Things to Look For In a New Roofer

6 Things to Look For In a New Roofer

Not sure who to trust to ace your next roofing project? Well, there are certain things you can do to find a good roofer in your area. First, seek advice or listen to what people say about specific roofers and who they recommend to you.

You can also go through the customer reviews about a particular roofing contractor. Also, check the requirements of a roofing contractor in your state. The other thing is to make a phone call with some of the roofing contractors recommended to you and schedule a consultation with them.

Negotiate and compare bids with all of them and determine whose contractor is best for you and charges fairly for the service. Experienced companies like Lincoln roofers have all that it takes to get your new roof done. The highlights below address the six main things to consider when looking for a new roofer.

  1. The Qualifications of the Roofing Contractor

Good contractors like Davis Roofing are well experienced, licensed to operate in your area, and have insurance coverage. A roofing contractor is bonded if a customer files a claim against them. They also provide references for their previous work and are also willing to write an estimate of their work.

  1. Check Out The Services 

There are standard services that a roofer offers, such as the replacement and installation of a new roof and checking for leakages and damage. However, some contractors like Lincoln roofers go beyond that. They offer other services such as insulation, shoveling, ventilation, weatherproofing, roof cleaning, and removing debris. Some will also check your gutters and siding and provide window services.

  1. Ask Whether It’s An Independent Contractor Or a Roofing Company

Although the choice of either independent or a company contractor depends on the prices they charge and the quality of services they offer, independent contractors are more convenient for quick repairs. While company contractors are the best for a big project, they carry out their duty with extensive resources. 

There are also no risks of incomplete projects as they are insured and give discounts for their services. It is cheap to do big roofing projects such as roof replacement or installation with a company contractor.

  1. The Time It Will Take To Complete Work

Roofing companies may take a while to get your project perfectly done. Others are quick to complete their tasks. Some take long for reasons such as inadequacy of resources or poor coordination of the workers. Depending on the urgency of the roofing project, you can choose either, but you should observe the quality of services and the labor cost.

  1. Ask Whether They Offer Free Consultation and Inspection

Roofing companies such as Lincoln roofers are less likely to charge for roof inspection and consultation services. Companies that charge for such services will make your project too expensive to complete.

  1. The Scheduling Of Their Work

Though many roofing companies try as much to keep their project on schedule, some are guided by events such as weather. Ask the contractor how they deal with particular variations to support the work. With that, you can know the best time to do your roofing.


Finding a good roofer requires checking their qualifications, the services offered, the time they take to complete projects, and the free services they provide. You can also ask them whether they are independent subcontractors or a company contractor.

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