There's a number of reasons to buy bottled water and to filter water and here's 6 reasons to go further and install a water filter in your home.

6 Reasons Why You Should Install a Water Filter

Many Americans assume they have convenient access to clean drinking water in their homes. They would be shocked to find out that community water system management regularly violates water safety standards. In 2015 alone, almost 21 million Americans were directly affected by these violations.

This is one of the main reasons why Americans choose to install a water filter in their homes. A filter not only improves water for drinking, but also for cooking, showering, and laundry.

If you’re still not sure about investing in a whole house water filter, check out these 6 reasons why it will improve your quality of life.  

1. Impede Plumbing Issues

Hard water is water with high amounts of mineral deposits. Over time, these minerals make themselves known throughout the plumbing system. They build on surfaces, in faucets, and in drains. They also build up inside the plumbing pipes and inevitably lead to clogs. 

A water filter helps prevent this mineral scaling and reduce overall plumbing issues. 

2. Get Clothes Cleaner

Again, the mineral deposits of hard water like to leave their mark — even on clothing. These deposits may smell, change the color, or even irritate the skin. Over time, you may find yourself buying more clothes than you would if you had a water filtration system.

3. Prevent Stomach Problems

It’s no surprise that all that mineral buildup can’t be good for your health. Consuming these deposits puts a strain on the filtering organs of the body — the kidneys and liver. 

A filtration system will also catch other dangers, like potentially harmful microscopic organisms and parasites. 

4. Reduce Plastic Waste

When people have no access to safe drinking water, they often resort to buying plastic water bottles in bulk. There’s no secret to how damaging this can be to the environment. 

With a water filtration system, however, people can pat themselves on their eco-friendly backs.

5. Improve Skin

Stomach problems aren’t the only potential issue with unfiltered water — showering in it can also cause skin issues. 

Mineral deposits irritate the skin, especially for those who shower in unfiltered water every day. Filtered water may even reduce the amount of soap needed to get clean.

6. Save Money

There are several ways that a water filtration system saves money. The initial water filter installation cost is nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars per year spent on bottled water.

A good filtration system also reduces the need for plumbing repair costs, as it reduces the mineral buildup in the pipes. 

Before deciding on a water filtration system, make sure to shop around for the best dead — check out this water filter review first.

How to Install a Water Filter

To install a water filter, Americans have a few choices. These choices depend on the type of water filter they purchase. A full-on water filtration system is the most thorough option, and this has to be professionally installed by a plumber.

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