Before the moving stress gets the best of you, prepare yourself. Read on to learn important things to remember when moving here.

6 Important Things to Remember When Moving

When moving, it’s easy to overlook certain aspects of the moving process. Because of this, it’s essential to prepare before you schedule your move.

Moving day can be difficult and exhausting, so you must be ready before the day comes. Moving is a big job, but you can make the process smoother with some preparation.

Read on to learn some essential things to remember when moving.

1. Create a Checklist

When creating a checklist for moving, it is essential to remember the basics.

List the items you want to take and separate into categories such as furniture, clothing, dishes, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. Make an inventory of your belongings and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

It is always a good idea to have extra boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and paper to store and protect your items. Additionally, make sure to have the addresses of your new and previous homes and the contact information of your new landlord or realtor.

Consider any immunization certificates or other important documents you may need for the move. Finally, plan for the unforeseen. Pack an emergency bag for each member of the family with items such as snacks, water, medications, personal items, and cash.

2. Clean the House You’re Moving Into

Cleaning the house before moving in is essential as it can avoid bringing pests, dirt, and other particles into the new home.

Sweep and mop all the floors to remove dirt or dust. Vacuum the carpets to remove any trapped debris or pet hair.

Wipe down all the windows and walls to remove any dirt or cobwebs that may have piled up from when the home was empty. Deep clean the bathroom, kitchen, and other surfaces to ensure that the new home is fresh and inviting.

Finally, dust all surfaces and furniture to remove any dust buildup and help keep the home fresh. Cleaning the new house before settling in is crucial when moving and can make a difference in the home’s overall cleanliness.

3. Hire a Moving Service

When hiring a moving service, it is essential to remember a few key things.

Researching and comparing options can help you get the best value for your money. Ensure your moving service is licensed and insured to protect your belongings.

Ask for references and reviews before hiring residential movers. Ask questions and clarify the details of your move with the company.

Finally, make sure that the company provides a detailed contract. This is to prove your rights should any issues arise during the move.  With proper research and communication, you can have a successful and stress-free move with a professional moving service.

4. Make a Schedule and Stick to It

One of the most important things to remember is to make a schedule and stick to it. Creating a detailed plan will help ease your stress and make the move more organized and efficient.

Start by writing out a timeline, beginning with a deadline and breaking it down into sections. Be sure to include any tasks you can do before the move and what are necessary the day of.

Following a timeline helps to prioritize tasks and keep your activity running smoothly. Additionally, remember to take breaks so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Allocate enough time and plan it as much in advance as possible. Lastly, give yourself plenty of leeways as life happens and plans can change. Remember, a flexible timeline is always better than a rushed and disorganized move.

5. Declutter Before You Move

Decluttering before moving can save you time and money, so it should be top-of-mind when planning your move. To start, create a pile and designate items you donate, sell or keep.

Next, sort through your home and determine what belongings to keep and what needs to be discarded. Being realistic and honest with yourself is essential to declutter quickly and efficiently.

When packing, label each box with its contents and the room it belongs in. Doing this can help make unpacking much easier and faster for you.

Check for any items you may have forgotten or overlooked in your decluttering process. This can help you avoid any last-minute stress and confusion.

Taking the time to declutter before moving will help make the transition much more accessible.

6. Do a Final Check Before Leaving

When you’re about to move, you must do a final check before leaving your former home. This will help you avoid making costly mistakes and leaving something behind.

Before you close the door, do a basic sweep of the entire house, such as closets, forgotten drawers, and appliances. Check outside your home, including the porch, basement, shed, and garage. Sometimes, items like extension cords and hoses are overlooked.

Confirm that you’ve stopped utility services and called your utility providers to schedule a final read. Finally, talk to your former landlord to ensure you’ve completed all move-out procedures.

Doing a last check before leaving will help you finish your move well and ensure you do not leave anything behind.

Check Out These Things to Remember When Moving

Moving is a lot of work but can also be an exciting adventure. It’s essential to plan and stay safe and organized during the process. Take your time, stay positive, and enlist the help of loved ones.

With these things to remember when moving, you can make your upcoming move stress-free and smooth. Start planning today and make your move something you can look forward to!

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