In order to have a beautiful lawn, there are several things you need to do. These six lawn care tips will make a huge difference.

6 Important Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners

Is your lawn always too dry or too soggy? Are there patches where the grass is dying, dead, or completely gone?

If so, don’t worry. These lawn troubles happen to everyone at some point.

The good news is, such problems are usually due to some easily correctable mistakes. For example, if your whole lawn is dry, you aren’t watering enough. If it has patches of dying grass, you may have lawn pests due to overwatering.

In any case, we’re going to help you set things right with the following lawn care tips. These tips make caring for your lawn much easier and more efficient. Read on and learn how to get green grass and keep it healthy.

1. Mowing Tips

Most lawn care problems have to do with mowing mistakes. For instance, cutting your grass too short will starve it. Specifically, it doesn’t leave enough green grass above the ground to soak up sunlight and convert it into food.

This weakens the grass, making it susceptible to invasion by weeds and other pests. Avoid this by cutting no shorter than 3 inches. (Your mower should have a way to adjust the blade height.)

Furthermore, grass is also weakened when it is torn by a dull blade. So, keep the mower blade sharp at all times. Lastly, wear ear protection when you mow so that the loud mower won’t damage your ears.

2. Watering Tips

Including precipitation, your lawn should get 1.5 inches of water each week. To measure this, you can leave some flat-bottomed containers around your lawn while you water.

You also want to water “deeply but infrequently.” In simple terms, give your lawn half an inch of water 3 times per week. Do this early in the morning for best absorption.

3. Weeding and Feeding

Weedkiller and fertilizer should be applied to your lawn twice per year (spring and fall). This is easiest with a “weed ‘n’ feed” lawn care product that combines the two.

4. Aerating

When the soil of your lawn gets compacted, it literally suffocates the roots of your grass. Solve this by aerating your lawn each year in the fall.

5. Fixing Dead Patches

Dead patches can be fixed easily with DIY reseeding products. Although, dead/dying patches in an otherwise green lawn always have underlying causes to address.

For instance, dog urine kills grass. Have a designated potty spot for your dog and enforce this rule. Also, make sure that the dead spot isn’t being missed by your sprinklers.

If none of these are the cause, it may be due to pests like sod webworms. Try a sod webworm treatment on the area and reseed.

6. Get Professional Lawn Care Help

Even with these tips, lawn care might still be too much for you to handle alone. This is especially true if you have an enormous lawn.

The point is, get professional help if you need it. Compare reviews and prices to find the best lawn care professionals in your area.

Remember These Essential Lawn Care Tips

Don’t forget what you learned here today. Get and maintain a beautiful lawn with these essential lawn care tips.

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