Looking for a way to kill your boredom? Check out our list of six new apps that you must try to have fun in your downtime. We won't disappoint!

6 Fun New Apps to Try Right Now

There are 3,739 new apps added to the Google Play Store each and every day. That’s not even counting iPhone apps, though many carry over and aren’t platform-specific.

With that many fun apps to sift through every day, it’s hard to know which are the best apps for you. Fortunately, we’ve got the top 5 apps you should try out today!

Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Desert Diamond Sports

A fun new sports betting app, Desert Diamond Sports has more than 1 million downloads. Based in Arizona, it’s a local sportsbook and supplies you with many options for in-play and pregame wagers.

Check out team and player props, parlays, and more.

2. Doublicat

Doublicat is a deep fake app that lets you put your face on popular memes and gifs. Want to have some fun with friends making them say things they would never admit to? Doublicat is the way.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

3. Programming Hub

Are you a software developer or a designer who needs to keep sharp on HTML, CSS, or JavaScript? Programming Hub has you covered, Duolingo style, with lessons on over 20 programming languages.

It’s free on iOS and Android with premium features to remove adds, an offline mode, and unlimited course access with a subscription.

Even if you don’t sub, it’s a great addition to any developer’s or designer’s daily routine.

4. Bubble Wrap

Did you grow up in the late 80s and early 90s? If you did, this was probably one of the most fun things about life as a kid during those times.

We didn’t have all the gadgets and excitement that kids today have. Even getting a package in the mail was a fairly rare occurrence for the time, compared to the daily Amazon stream we get today. Having your parents toss you the bubble wrap was only the icing on the cake.

Bubble Wrap isn’t exactly a gaming app, but it’s one you can spend hours on satisfying popping noises. Bubble wrap gamified the act of popping bubble wrap with coins and leaderboards.

5. Granny

Hopefully, your Granny isn’t like the one in this app. One of the best horror arcade games of all time on the Play store, it has millions of downloads and gets developed enough to keep the gameplay smooth and relatively bug-free.

Granny is always listening. Your goal is to silently escape the house without getting her attention. Escape without making a sound or Granny’s gonna hit you with a baseball bat and lay you out.

Granny isn’t exactly a brand new app, but if you’re into horror, it’s one of the best out there.

6. Particles Flow

This app is best for live-wallpaper enthusiasts. If you love to watch satisfying videos on YouTube, Particles Flow is for you.

Select up to 5 points on your screen to watch 50,000 particles drift their way through. Adjust settings in the app and play with it or set it as live wallpaper and enjoy endless hours of satisfaction.

There’s No End to New Apps

New apps come every day. There are thousands of great ones we couldn’t get to, but hopefully, this list will help you kill time or learn a thing or two!

Want some old app lists or some more digital advice? Keep browsing our articles for the latest and greatest.

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