There are several ways to tell whether you should get glasses. Keep reading to learn more about the common signs you need glasses.

6 Common Signs You Need Glasses

Over 4 billion people worldwide need corrective glasses.

It’s a common issue and why going for regular eye check-ups is a must. But you can’t live at the opticians, so you might wonder if there is anything you can look for at home.

That’s where we can help! Keep reading for these six signs you need glasses.

1. Your Vision Is Blurry

If you’re having trouble seeing straight, glasses can help clear things up. You might notice you can’t see objects very well that are close by meaning you’re farsighted.

Or those objects might be blurry when they’re far away, which suggests nearsightedness. Either way, an optician can help determine your prescription.

You don’t have to commit to buying your glasses from them either. There are amazing options out there online that offer great style options, choices in types of glasses, and value. Check out for more.

2. You Find You’re Squinting

Another sign that your eyes are struggling is squinting often to focus your vision. Squinting reduces light entering your eyes, which clears up blurry vision a little.

But it can cause discomfort and headaches especially long-term. Wearing glasses will remove this discomfort as well as remove the need to squint. It’s a win-win!

3. You Can See Halos Around Light Sources

If you’re not able to focus when you look at a light you could see rings or halos around the source. Try looking at car headlights, for example, or a lightbulb at home to test it.

Glasses can remove this and make light sources much clearer to see. This is especially important at night or when you’re driving where you need clear vision the most.

4. You’re Struggling to Read

Bad eyesight can happen out of the blue, but most of the time it’ll be gradual. One sign you might notice over time is a change in how easy it is to read things.

Pay attention to how you’re holding a book or a menu. Are you holding it closer to your eyes? Or are you holding it further away? This suggests you’re having difficulty seeing and need glasses.

5. You Struggle Adjusting From Light to Dark

It’s natural to need time to adjust when going from light to dark or vice versa. What you need to take note of is if it’s starting to take you longer than usual.

Or another sign of eye problems might be a new sensitivity to light changes. See an optician if that’s the case, and it could be that they’ll recommend glasses to ease the strain on your eyes.

6. You’re Getting More Headaches

You might notice an increase in headaches when your eyes start to struggle. When the eyes are trying too hard to focus it strains them.

This can cause eye fatigue and result in some nasty headaches to boot. Glasses take some of the hard work off your eyes. If they’re not straining then they won’t be causing pain.

Don’t Ignore These Signs You Need Glasses

When your eyesight is struggling, there will be signs you need glasses. You might struggle with light changes or you might not be able to get a clear focus on objects. Whatever the signs, the sooner you see an optician the sooner you’ll be back to 20/20 vision again.

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