Mowing your lawn properly requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common lawn mowing mistakes and how to avoid them.

6 Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Having a well-kept lawn can reduce the time a home spends on the market and result in higher offers.

Whether you choose to sell your home or not, you likely want your house to look welcoming and appealing. A great way to achieve that look is by ensuring your lawn is well maintained.

If you make common lawn mowing mistakes, your yard could look worse for wear and have a negative impact on people’s first impressions. So keep reading to learn how to establish a lawn mowing routine that gets the job done right!

1. Cutting Too Short

Cutting your lawn to the proper grass height is crucial if you want it to look healthy. Unfortunately, while it might seem like cutting as much as possible each time helps you go longer in between trims, it can cause damage. 

Grass that’s too short dries out and dies easily, resulting in brown and yellow patches throughout the lawn.

2. Removing the Clippings

It’s common to believe that removing the clippings helps keep the grass healthy. But, in reality, the clippings give the grass some nutrients, and leaving them helps ensure steady growth.

You can always invest in a mower that mulches the clippings, so they aren’t as noticeable.

3. Dull Blades

Having a sharp mower blade is crucial when cutting the lawn. A dull blade cuts the grass unevenly and can even tear the grass and ruin the roots.

The result is an uneven lawn with missing patches. If you don’t want to worry about sharpening blades, working with a company like My Elite Lawn Care ensures you’ll have a beautiful lawn without the hassle.

4. Not Keeping a Schedule

It’s essential to establish a lawn mowing routine. If you mow too often or wait too long in between trims, it can be challenging to keep your grass healthy.

Ideally, you’ll mow once a week or about as often as needed to cut one-third of the total grass length.

5. Mowing Wet Grass

Mowing the lawn when it’s wet can cut the grass unevenly and potentially damage your mower.

The wet grass tends to stick to the machine and can clog the mower and blades.

6. Mowing the Same Direction

When you mow the lawn, the grass grows in the direction the lawn mower pushed it.

If you switch directions periodically, it will help the grass grow straight instead of sideways. In addition, it makes it easier to trim and looks much better this way.

Avoid These Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes

The six common lawn mowing mistakes brought out here are easy to avoid once you know what you should do instead. If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to mow your lawn like a pro in no time!

Remember, a healthy lawn improves your home’s value and overall look, so the extra effort is well worth it.

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