Is your sex life lacking luster? Inject some lust into your love life with this selection of sexy websites. Read on for more.

5 Websites Guaranteed to Boost Your Sex Life

A healthy sex life can alleviate stress, increase happiness, and improve libido. Sexual satisfaction positively affects your health and your reproductive system by reducing vaginal atrophy, reducing pelvic floor dysfunction, preventing prostate cancer, and so on.

It can be nerve-wracking to talk about sex and seeking advice may seem complicated. Luckily, there are ways to boost your sex life with these 5 fiery apps.


Sex podcasts are soaring in popularity. Ferly is an audio content app that allows women to talk about what sex means to them. All their content is backed by research and written by psychotherapists, as well as following a more spiritual realm of tantrikas.

On Ferly, you can listen to guided journaling practices, sex-info pieces, or dive into an erotic play. Ferly emphasizes the importance of mindful sex and how we need to normalize it.


Emjoy is all about sexual self-care and confidence. It’s true, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. This app allows you to set goals and track your sexual wellness progress.

They have over 100 erotic stories that can suit anybody’s unique desires, as well as, audio guides on various subjects like self-esteem, sexual pleasure, and desire.


Lovely is a more hands-on app, no really. This sex app connects to a cock ring and tracks your top speed, number of thrusts, and also records how many calories you burned, sort of like a Fitbit. Lovely learns your overall style and allows you and your partner to share your thoughts and desires afterward on the app.

Introducing sex toys in the bedroom is a great way to improve your sex life. Peekaboo You offers a wide variety of sex toys for both men and women, as well as, allowing you to host a Peekaboo You party which may be enticing for those who want to step out of their comfort zone.


Lioness is another tech-savvy sex app that allows you to track your orgasms through its vibrator. The vibrator has sensors that measure pelvic floor movement, tracking how different factors affect your orgasms, for better or for worse.

The app also lets you input personal information like sleep, stimulants, and how you’re feeling. Lioness is a good way to experiment and seek out what factors positively affect your orgasms and works for you.


Coral is all about these three pillars, deeper connections, enhanced pleasure, and unshakeable confidence. This interactive sexual wellness app is designed to give couples a sex life boost by using a series of guided exercises and prompts.

Users can also map their goals throughout their journey. Coral acts as a mediator for couples and is great for those who are on the shy side when it comes to sex talk.

Improve Your Sex Life Today

From audio-guided masturbation to responsive sex toys like those found at PleasurePoint, these apps allow you to learn more about your body and implement your desires in the bedroom. These sexual wellness apps can act as a safe place for those who don’t know how to talk about sex and for those who want to learn more.

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